Thursday, March 31, 2005


prepare to see the wonder

that is burt

and the march 31 label show

OUr shoW

all of us.

soon to come.

Being Unhinged by Carlos Quinonez Posted by Hello

Nobody Smiles in Wonderland

PICT0021, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Here I took a pause to document my situation. Im in the middle of making the new album. EverybodySmilesInWonderland.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

nessie- our underwater ally. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

you saw it here first, folks. sal's on the front, sam on the back. further abominations to follow, including a golden calf. Posted by Hello

and thus did the burt grow in knowledge and stature, and in favour with god and man. dr. frankenstein (a.k.a. stan dangerman), his creator, laughed madly as the burt came to life and began to walk. Posted by Hello

A little blogger trick

Hey people, here's a little blogger trick for you. If you want to have a little picture show up in your profile, first you have to make sure an image of you is available on line. Once that exists, left click and copy the image location(for example, any pics that are on the blog already). Go to your edit profile, and in the photo url, paste in the image location. Viola!

Keep blogging, I love all the stuff you're putting up people,


PS So I've found a way back from Winnipeg, now I need a plane ticket there. Anyone have any airmiles?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

So, this is what it feels like to be me and shawna at the same time. freaky, eh? Posted by Hello

So, this picture is what it feels like to be me right now, long day, still two hours from home and the3rd of 4 ambient sound bands are still soundcheckin'. They're good though. oh boy...... Posted by Hello

the burt moves onward, ever onward into the great greyscale of being Posted by Hello

The Worm 3

Slowly the worm moves
grinding down the random
dance we do.

Fixating the creation
in the natural
complex of divination.

The worm doth reach into reach.

A little glimmer of hope
as we remember
three great asymptote.

Symmetrical asymmetry
by the waters
determined free.

The worm doth dance eternal.

Starry night of life
the summer haze.

Morning fields of heat
I understand
you say to me.

The worm is love.

Between light and truth
it sets us free
in what we do.

Oh bless the worm that teach the fire and the flood.

Ever Sublime

Every person is a thing
every thing a journey
every journey a star
is a laugh
is a moment
given to the waters

Every jungle is a place
is a moon
every moon a charge
is a lily
is a drum

Beats of emanation
blessed in between
the lord of song
is a person is a thing.

for the sake of following the herd, I made poetry

Life's banal pleasures
Leak creaky ghosts
The boatman comes calling
And the twelve holy hosts

In the day we lay sleeping
Soft as a babe
Twice we were thinking
And morals were saved

Don't come in the house
Don't come in the door
The boatman on Styx don't live here no more

With men in white castles
The beaches white sand
A house or a mansion
In the Baptists hard land

The house of white linen
The house of the dead
Spirits they beckon
and hold out their hands

A house made of pavement
A house in this land
The hard headed butcher
The delicate strand

We've seen the urchins
The lepers
The Dead and the cooked
In movements they quiken
The paralyzed hook

Come to the side door
Lean out the crack

Her bitch hands are empty
The wind whistles back


PICT0007, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Who is Captain Goldstar.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

a blog is a log, a log is in trees, a tree is in forest,

nothing rhymes here

but smores.

mmmmmm... smores

l-blizz, serving up the bo-shizz cuz that's my biz


a blog is a blog is a blob in a bog

Saturday Thoughts of Past and Present

Corpuscles of highlight,
Hinged in all directions.
Bodies in twilight,
Twinge of evanescence.

Only in life
Does one name
Self-absorbed friendships
In this great Rage.

Where we build dreams
And gain steam,
Where we knead
The unkeadable need.

Where children dance
The essential starlight,
Of resource rage
And existential heights.

It is here,
Where empathy abounds
And the gift of tolerance
Proceeds and rounds.

It is, and only It,
The dot-like plenum
Stream bearing down
Face it.

We love You.


Friday, March 25, 2005

let me re-state, it's l-blizzo, yo, not josey-jo, though by the byline you wouldn't know....

josey, my guitarist, has been biting my style for a while. it's my band, krahn. you're just along for the ride.

excuse my crude photoshop skillz, but here is a shot of us (or jenni, i guess) doing TO in feb 05... some of you have seen it, but what the hey... ALfA Lives indeed Posted by Hello

spooky self (portrait) Posted by Hello

twice the jenni, twice the fun. the love show, yo, a.k.a. isn't it romantic-- label gal, feb 05 Posted by Hello

21 signs and a tress Posted by Hello

Dan and Josey- their finest hour.  Posted by Hello
so, that last post of the weird photo is by lblizzo, yo. it's a detail from my big ugly piece that i did last year. i'm slowly taking pics of every detail of that whole piece-- all six by two feet of it.

fun fun fun.

lblizzo, just so ya know

Horray! I figured it out! Or, josey taught me. Posted by Hello

Stage 2 Posted by Hello

more organicum Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Interview with Dada World Dada's Andre Clement... Posted by Hello

Ghost World

Watch 'Ghost World' a nice story about life' lost and found and old records. sweet.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Burt Posted by Hello

Environment Posted by Hello

Rage Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

another day at the office. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

please insert your head into the scanner...engage!

concrete ineffability

inevitable name
that comes
where they shall gather

exactitude claims
that shine
for us to shudder

forget all the same
the only thing matter

one thing
being unhinged
the dot like plenum goes further

your limits
mean nothing here
push push
the divine scatter


At a recent A Label for Artists summit meeting

Saturday, March 19, 2005

the true label mascot...
Having your nose in a book all day is so nice. Well rested, full of vim. Production levels set to 'high'. And now, with this wondefful thing that james sent, now that we have the perfect forum with which to open up the sweet juicy filling of isbeing there is a complete silence. Even the Plish! For shame!I know we're all busy. Being ambitious is hard.
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y....SATURDAY! saturday saturday saaturday saturday!
-Bay City Rollers-

sproket. Official mascot of the Gallery. not friendly, but charming Posted by Hello

Josie Krahn, historian and guitar afficianado Posted by Hello

the brain behind the braun...wordsmith Lorne Roberts Posted by Hello