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random label shot

jenni doing vermeer's "girl with a pearl earing"


the black
to a

a smile

I can

Headline News by C.Zurzolo

I read the virtual paper today


Blessed sister
Bomb shell beauty


Children playing

Blessed Sister
Menace Hero
May God accept you among the martyrs

We’ve come a long way, baby
Haven’t we?

Dan Not Stan Draws on Football Sunday Workday

Play Movie

animals in glasss cages at the ROM Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


africa, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Remember when we were in Africa?

Tarot - mort(1)

Tarot - mort(1), originally uploaded by The Stranger.

this is from the bird conservitory at the ROM culleton i drew theis especially for you enjoy. i have finished my first scketch book in under 4 months. now to double the collection  Posted by Picasa


Muddy, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Ive got a sweet little angel
I love the way she spreads her wings

a little sprokettet photo for your enjoyment Posted by Picasa


180px-Goetheanum1-640, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

I was lead to Steiner partly through the group of Seven who were for the most part THEOSOPHISTS. Steiner founded the theosophy society. I came to this area of study originally in University while studying the connection between magic and art.

This dude is interesting because it seems like he had his hand in many influential pots of the period.

Steiner characterized history as essentially shaped by changes formed through a progressive development of human consciousness. The activity of individualised human thinking was seen as a relatively recent advance which led to the dramatic developments of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. In his epistemological works, he advocated the Goethean view that thinking itself is a perceptive instrument for ideas, just as the eye is a perceptive instrument for light.

He characterized his system of Anthroposophy as follows:

"Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe... Anthroposophists are those who experience, as an essential need of life, certain questions on the nature of the human being and the universe, just as one experiences hunger and thirst."

Steiner developed an organic style of architecture for the design and construction of some seventeen buildings. The most significant of these are the first and second Goetheanums. These two structures, both built in Dornach, Switzerland intended to house a University for Spiritual Science.

Kaoss House

This is one of the concept designs Im currently working on in preperation for the apocalypse. We re going to need a place to live right? There s going to be a lot of loose lumber and supplies around right? We don t have to go by any building code right? The place needs a moat in order to be defensable againts roaming bands of zombies right?

Im glad someone in this group has the common sense to plan ahead a little bit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


A Vision


In the year King Dubya
Was re-acclaimed

I saw the Lord:

He was high
And lifted up

And his glory filled the temple.

The late summer darkness
outside an abandoned
Catholic Church,
prairie landscape emptiness
endless in all directions,

Aurora Borealis
Greening the sky

Greeting me eye

And lo, the veil of our blindness
shimmered, then,
Heavily before me
Deeper than the night
darker than the forever blackness of the trees.

And I understood whole worlds
on the other side

And the trees breathed then,
sighed with understanding

and looked at me,

And I grew cold,
and said
‘not yet…not yet.’

And then later,
Lying on our backs
staring up at the sky,
I touched your lips
With a hot orange coal,
That glowed in the darkness
In the tent of Josey the prophet.

and we thought then of hands,

that hold the glowing coal
that touches the lips

The lips that speak the words

The words
that make us whole.

And the veil was pulled back then,
The whole sky shimmered,
Fervent Jehovah himself,
Descending on us,

And outside the church
The winds sang, angelic with joy:

Though I understand all mysteries

And have not love


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The Adventures of Spaceman Ray Phathom

These are some Frazetta's that I found which I feel capture the look I'd like for the comic I want to do (also, Frazetta is just cool to look at!). Any thoughts?

the fall of Summer

the fall, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Wow, I profoundly absorbed the Equinox this year. As if the moment it past a new filter was placed over the lens of my soul.

It feels like some kind of heavily distorted reverb type of thing. But I think somebody turned down the volume a bit also. I feel a bit dim.

Nostalgia for all automns past.

Its harvest time. Let us prepare for the Winter.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Rhymes for Dead Friends

Good Times Jesus,
you won’t believe what we’ve done with your bones.
We built a guitar out of your ribcage
and filled it with stones.

Funeral March

Descending into the valley
the guardrail is weathered
from exposure,
pock-marked with oxidized bubbles.
The basin is green pooling to burnt brown
and cut on the north
by a stream that swirls between eroded rocks.

The stream rolls
like a standard in the wind
or silver hair
laid at the feet of a corpse.
An offering for coming so far
out into the wild!

An autumn bird glides overhead
warming its belly against the earth.
Its shadow caressing the sharp blades of grass.

The State of Nature

I’m scrounging, slobbering,
fingers in the dirt.
Teeth chattering
and lips blue without blood.

I’m carving a circle
around myself
to preserve my state of nature.

From outside this circle
you can have none of what’s mine.
From inside this circle life is short lived.

Rudolf Steiner

There are magic formulas which continue to act in perpetually new ways throughout the centuries of the history of ideas. One meets them in walking the most diverse paths of spiritual life. The more one advances, the more one penetrates to an understanding of all phenomena, the deeper appears the meaning of these formulas. At many moments in the course of our meditations and thoughts they flash like lightning, illuminating our whole inner life. At such times there arises in us something like the feeling that we perceive the heartbeat of humanity's development.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

fall falls

computer-kitty love

here my kitty sits triumphantly on my keyboard while i look on in artistic drunken fascination.

summer is fall


here I am
that I am
me feel
that go


of red
to whom
do you play
for the


into a

for those
you feel

I spend
my time
of you

The Roberts in Red

Bull Man Hate

Friday, September 23, 2005

Iguana Cat Love Posted by Picasa

Bear Dog Love Posted by Picasa

Hippo and Turtle Love

Tiger and Dog Love


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Captain Goldstar Video Game

Captain Goldstar vanquishes evil with his 3rd Eye of Domination and mastery of exotic weapons!

the BUGS show Pre-Set-up begins...

... as Cara gets some tunes going on her computer and Dan has a snack.

The following many images, in order, will show the set-up and the opening for our show BUGS, an exhibit of art by tree planters.

Cara, by the way, is Cara Yeates. She's an actor and playwright from Vancouver and was here doing her treeplanting play "Knee Deep in Muck." In Vancouver she works at the Butchershop, which is an indy gallery that's kinda similar to the Label.

and Dan is Dan Saidman, who runs the Label gallery.

Thanks to Dan, Cara, Jenni Reeder who did the catalogue and endless grunt work without ever complaining, Josey Krahn, and me, Lorne.

Thanks also to our generous sponsors-- The Label, Organicum Press, and others. You know who you are.

Set up REALLY begins... Jenni puts on her managerial hat and starts throwing out commands. She's too cute and too businesslike for anyone to say no to, so it works pretty well when she takes charge.

the art is all here...

...but right now it's just scattered around the gallery as we try to figure out where to place it.

Down for the Count.

By 1 a.m., though, Jenni couldn't hack it and fell asleep on the chair.

(Actually, don't let this pic fool you. This is probably the only time Jenni has slept in the last month. Without her, this show wouldn't have happened, and the catalogues would've sucked.)


After a year of research, months of emailing, zillions of hours in lost sleep, worry, cleaning, brainstorming, working together to build consensus, hammering nails, and the generous gifts of some sponsors and some great art to exhibit, THE SHOW IS SET UP!!!!!!

Good times.

Now that months of preparation are done, and the show is up and running, me and Josey (and Jenni and Dan) can finally afford to relax a little. Chris Pancoe's ceramic "security camera" is on the wall behind us, keeping an eye on things.

Captain Josey

Here, Captain Josey dons the magical suit made by Jose Luis Gutierrez of Motoca clothing co. This is some super high-end planting gear--looks perfect for intense B.C. coastal shows.

Great crowd!

As you can see, the opening was well attended, and the crowd loved the work.

In the mid-foreground here is Leanne, Jenni's 12-year old sister, who at this point grabbed the camera and busted off a few shots of her own.