Thursday, June 30, 2005

greetings from tricksy the cat, my spirit guide and totem animal. she delivers this rhyme, in the spirit of fighting whack-MC-ism, on behalf of el blizzard (chewing up yr gizzard like some loco lizzard)... "All you clowns who try to step up like Conan the Barbarian/ get sat back down by this hippie vegetarian" peace, you suckas suckas suckas Posted by Hello


Hung, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

How easy to forget your name

"What does the audience want to hear?"

"Is it exquisite?" someone asks.

Though I can't see the faces beyond the spotlight.

"Like fingers, fresh from picking fruit, smearing their touch
over a body, longed for all afternoon?"

"No. I could hardly write words that sensual." I reply.

"No. This will be much more rough, like chewed fingernails raking
at my skin during love making."

The audience is silent.

"It begins with the name of a girl."

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


This is


holy moment,
subversive engine
the rage
from inside

Love with a metaphysical sprinkle

It strikes at me
that light
as I travel
as I work

that maintain
that I've
since I was

a kid in love
with someone
who did
who wouldn't
who couldn't
love me

No one ever knew

Really, no one ever knew

of why we know
the things
we know

No more

Please no more

the kid
that prevails
the heart
that never
let go

from a shell
closed and
never spelled
the words
of a lover's

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Temple Of Amun Ra

The Temple Of Amun Ra, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

A blind mounted gunslinger arrives at the temple of The Great Light. Death attempts to lure the stranger with a phantasm.

The Gallery On My Birthday

Tuesday I had the idea
to walk through the art gallery
on a half bottle of Don Lorenzo
that I smuggled in the crotch
of my favorite Value Village
blue jeans.
It made me look impossibly huge -
unnatural, like a demon.
The receptionist
had opaque eyes
like ovaries
and covered by lactose-lids.
On my way in
she stopped me and stuck me
with a sticker
to identify me
as a spectator
of art.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Where is DonMaximo?

Has he become
lost to the raging
flux of openness

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The DogKings

DogKings, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Park Lafontaine Posted by Hello

We Will Soon Fly Again


Chicken of God


Chicken of God


The Dead Show


The Dead Show


The Dead Show


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nate's Deli, Ottawa, 2005 Posted by Hello

Summer 2005

Carry On
Love is Coming to us all...
Festival Fantasticus
Where will you be tomorrow
South Korea
Have a Good Time
Turn the other cheek
Run for the woods
Teach and learn
become yourself
We all love you

Dont be Afraid of the Apocalypese

ApocalypseCountDown, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Im telling you not to be afraid. Louis Riel as a centaur holds the red pentacle flag as Geronimo waits in ambush. Sitting Bull and Wild Bill conspire. Babel sends out its army.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lime Green Vespa Scooter

The head
of the Southern British Columbia chapter
of Vespa Scooter Enthusiasts
is a man named Reilly - 350lbs.
His lime green Model 6
fits snugly between his ass cheeks
like a dime wedged in a marshmallow.
The rest of his bulk
hangs off his sides like saddlebags.

Reilly's girl, Dorsee, waits at the clubhouse
while he's on the Circuit.
Reilly hasn't lost the race in 13 years.
While he's away
Dorsee spends her time making Jello molds
of various scooter makes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Adam And Eve

AdamAndEve, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

How Can I resist the shadow world
the spiders kiss. The Netherlands of my heart don t tell me Osama Tore it apart
Im a diligent beaver Ill build it again
leading the faithful back to where it all began.

Like Harry Houdini Ill undo the knot. Im a jumping jack fish and I can t be caught. Im speaking in riddles speaking in code. All though its heavy Im carrying the load. But soon Ill have that monkey off my back. Its all most time to let my eyes roll back.

New Songs

The Smoky Tiger has blessed us with two new songs. Check them out!

Culleton and Quinonez by Saidman in Ottawa, 2005 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mutilated Lips, White T-Shirts, and Red Shorts

We have been hired by governments
for the new modern slavery
8 hours of screening
wishing to explain
the monster's dreamed fixity
paying for our heat, health and water

We have been hired by governments
to work out the details
of oil lust and diesel kisses
from mutilated lips
to the foreign white t-shirts for you
and the vicious red shorts for me

We have been hired

Monday, June 20, 2005

Greg Oakes 3 Posted by Hello

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

On the road to Jacob s ladder

Ladder, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Memetics, the study of memes, remains a controversial field among many scientists and skeptics. Memetics originated when Richard Dawkins reduced the process of biological genetic evolution to its most fundamental unit: the replicator (or gene). Dawkins, in a search for parallels and other things that he might classify as replicators, suggested that the information and ideas in brains���culture, for example���could function as replicators as well. Computer software may represent another form of replicator with which evolution may eventually build grand things, whether socially as in the open source movement, or through the use of evolutionary algorithms .

Memetics takes concepts from the theory of evolution (especially population genetics) and applies them to human culture. Memetics also uses mathematical models to try to explain many very controversial subjects such as religion and political systems, though principal criticisms of memetics include the claim that memetics ignores established advances in the fields (such as sociology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, etc.) most relevant to the claims and methodologies of memetics.

The term memetic association refers to the idea that memes herd. For example, a meme for bluejeans includes memes for trouser flies, riveted clothing, blue dye, cotton clothing, belt loops and double-sewn seams.

The phrase memetic drift refers to the process of an idea or meme changing as it replicates between one person to another. Memetic drift increases when meme transmission occurs in an awkward way. Very few memes show strong memetic inertia (the characteristic of a meme to manifest in the same way and to have the same impact regardless of who receives or transmits the meme). Memetic inertia increases when the meme transfers along with mnemonic devices, such as a rhyme, to preserve the memory of the meme prior to its transmission. See Murphy's law for one example of memetic drift.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

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revolution, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Though memeticists do not not generally agree on a specific definition, one can roughly define 'meme' as any piece of information transferable from one mind to another. Examples might include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods.

Memes supposedly have, as their fundamental property, evolution via natural selection in a way very similar to Charles Darwin's ideas concerning biological evolution, on the premise that replication, mutation, survival and competition influence them. For example, while one idea may become extinct, others will survive, spread and mutate—for better or worse—through modification. Note an important fact, however: not only the memes most beneficial to their hosts will necessarily survive; rather, memes supposedly spread best by functioning as the most effective replicators, which allows for the possibility that successful memes might prove detrimental to their hosts.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Not clueless,
selfish and closed
and that
you avoid,
of the contours
of love,
of the electric
of the madness
that heals

I think
I don't
I can
hold you
to the fire
long enough

The ants

The ants the ants
that live in our homes
in our holes
in our hopes
the ants the ants


There will be
no more
essence squeezed
from the flesh
of problematic

The ants
of oppression
have become
aware of our
habitual afflictions

Thursday, June 16, 2005


NorthKorea, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

KimJong Il goes fishing on a deserted beach.

Pick Pattern, 2005, drawing and digital collage, by J. Culleton Posted by Hello


Jihad, originally uploaded by The Stranger.


PICT0120, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Rebecca is very smart


PICT0087, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Chars is Strong and good natured


PICT0085, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Sera is very meek

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Deliberate Isolation at Level One of the Tower

inside the tower, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

The upright axis at the innermost center of a person and of the universe, is the very source of man s might, drawing and unfolding all his energies.

Monday, June 13, 2005

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