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Report, etc.

So, for those who don't know, Josey (or, "Mr. K") skillfully organized a massive fundraiser at the Label, for Damon's family.

It was a roaring success, financially and otherwise. Musical stylings by the Poor Choices, Godkings/queens, and Righteous Ike. There was a moment of silence, and some short, moving speeches.

Good work Mr. K.

And lots of our beloved bloggers were there donating time, money, music, art, sweat, etc. Good job all.

Damon's obit is online at

here it is:

DAMON ALEXANDER HARTUNG (published on June 26, 2007)


August 6, 1980 June 18, 2007

"Shine on you crazy diamond"

Peacefully, after a lengthy illness, Damon Alexander Hartung has left us to go to a better place.
His life will be celebrated and remembered by his father, Micheal Hartung (Lynn); his mother, Barbara Frost (Miodrag); sister Yasmin (Drew); grandparents, Fritz and Edna Hartung of Winnipeg and Albert and Grace Frost of Teulon, Manitoba and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
Damon spent his formative years in the Wolseley district of Winnipeg. He attended Laura Secord, River Heights and Kelvin Schools. Eventually he left The Peg and moved to Toronto, then Europe and finally settled in Montreal. He attended Concordia University where he was active in Concordia politics.
Damon loved a crowd. He had eclectic interests ranging from fencing and rugby, to buddism, baking, geography, history, languages, philosophy and travelling the world. The word "can't" didn't exist in his vocabulary and when his illness hampered his participation in activities he loved, he simply found new ones.
The family would like to thank the Drs. Laneuville and Galal at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal for their spectacular care of Damon, the nurses for their loving touch, and all those who wished him well and contributed to improving his quality of life.
Damonfest, a celebration of Damon's life, will be held June 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Rooftop of The Winnipeg Art Gallery. Casual summer dress, no black. Call Leah re date in Montreal!!
In lieu of flowers, please send donations in the memory of Damon to the Cedars Cancer Support Institute, 687 Pine Ave. West, E3.15, Montreal, QC H3A 1A1 or online

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pressing letters and sobering news

Lately, i sleep
as lorn slumber hopes
rise updowninout
and force me awake,
ears filled with song
from tiny lips
or the tap a tap tap

new language
decoded by fingertip confessions
that lips, the light of one match
and tounge silence
make hard sounding hands
fit my spaces

burning city

Pict0106, originally uploaded by babajiwotan.

for D

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In "A Prayer for Owen Meany", Johnny Wheelright says...

"Oh God, please give him back.

I shall keep asking you."

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Drawing at the Ritz

Here is a recent drawing of the Ritz Carlton on Sherbrook Ave. in Montreal. I have a couple more architecture drawings I will post soon but i wanna try photo shop on them first.

Special Blogger Question

I was adding labels and dates to my blog, and now the so-called page elements are at the bottom instead of the side. Why for? Can anyone suggest how I can fix it?

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Sky's Bass

I am trying to account for sizes and whereabouts of the art on my blog. I can't remember who has this one, but I'm pretty sure its a friend who owns it, but who? Also, if you have any art that is not on my blog please let me know, I am trying to find some lost things to fill it out a bit more. Scribbles of coffe cups aren't needed, but if you have a painting I might ask you to send me a picture.

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Is Facebook Killing Blog posts?


Summer time or Facebook?

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Akimbo is a site dedicated to cultural stuff across Canada. I strongly suggest checking it out and signing up for their email list.

Townes van Zandt

image from:

"The Highway Kind" by Townes van Zandt

Now, I don't know too much for truth
but my heart knows how to pound
my legs know how to love someone
my voice knows how to sound...
It's a shame that it's not enough
It's a shame that it is a shame
Follow the circle down
and where would you be?

Now you're the only one I want
I've never heard your name
Let's hope we meet some day
If we don't it's all the same

I'll meet the ones between us
and be thinking about you,
and all the places I have been,
and why you were not there.

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His parentz r so prowd

Dylan has just been recommended to advance to first year university english by school div. #1. He just turned 15! He's my new retirement plan!

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Don Deli journal

Don Deli journal, May 6

11:14 a.m., still/again/back
at Don Deli
tired of/from
last night
one just over the line (sweet jesus)
and times may change their name and face with
memory, seasons, the weather
and how we feel about the price of onions and
what that means
in the context of the universe,

but it's Ren's last day today
and if that's not the
end of an era
I don't know what is.

Dark-eyed moth of the coffee shop
muse of a million drawings
may the road rise up to meet you
and may your mug
be always half full.

Don Deli journal

Don Deli journal, May 16, 11 a.m.

Watch out for people who
come up to you in random places
and offer you money.

Bike and write

Bike and write journal, June 8, 7:12 p.m.

Don't try to do too much other than
feel it all slipping out yr pores,
things dropping away like
canker worms off yr arms--

Don't try to feel it all--
the fat girl
walking alone through the park
could break your heart
if you let her

and who knows what
she could
tell you

Don't look for answers in
the gathering clouds
and the seamless grouping of birds
is no auspice and
it says no more than
the sound of yr voice

Nothing will make any
more or less sense
than this moment alone
in the grass by the riverside
when the legs of a spider
make you feel silly and sad

we're running out of seasons
he says
sliding down his web
as the sun comes back out
hurry up
hurry up

Nostalgic Moments

Dug these up, I really love the rounded corners.

In this series, my Quebecois grandparents visit Beausejour a

nd attempt the installation of a well using a sandpoint.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Zappa Crappa


I'm just texturing the background, then I'll be back to the black backdrop. I can't just leave a flat coat on all that canvas. (I'll fix his mullet too)


Studio Macri

My Mini studio is starting to pick up, but I have a long way to go and a short time to get there. The upcoming show gives me 9-10 meters of space. How many pictures does that mean I need? -eeek

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shawna's 31st Birthday Dinner

Artcity Sketchbook Workshop

Wowo. I did a week long workshop at Artcity with kids 6-16. There were over 40 participants, and we covered everything from contour to collage.
Some highlights for me:
A boy named Pheonix tracked a canker worm in his sketchbook which culminated in taping down the ink covered worm next to a R.I.P headstone. This worm map covered two full pages, and really had us all engaged. Art imitating life?
We did some portraits in the round where the participants passed around their sketchbooks, and each person drew a different aspect or part of the portrait. Some serious laughter was recorded and will be part of the exhibition in September at the Semai Gallery in the exchange.
And lastly, one of my favorite sketchbooks was by a girl named Amy. Through a mix of collage and drawing she portrayed a man who wanted a woman's body with a seperate page dedicated to this character's twin Brister. (a sister/brother hybrid) I think she's 10, and obviously very creative. A gem.
Now what did I learn? (or maybe, what things did I hope were true and were reinforced by these little artists) Hmmmm. That everybody is potentially an artist. That art is a wonderful way to express what you're feeling, things you're trying to understand, and a great way to have some fun.
And that sketchbooks are an archaic version of virtual space. It's a place that kids and adults can go to be/think about other things. To discover things about themselves and the world. To release anxiety. To share joy.
What an amazing experience. Thank-you Artcity.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Now Hiring...

The school I work at is looking for a new teacher. Anyone with a degree is qualified, and the pay/lifestyle is decent. 100 hrs / month = about $2000.00Canadian (1.9 Mil. Won). If you or any of your friends might like this job, please let me know ASAP. Added benefit for artists, I know of some venues here also looking for artists and musicians. Oh, and I forgot to mention... you get to work with me =)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

West Broadway, west

So, you may recall the Portage Ave series I was doing. That's now becoming an animation, with about 600 images facing east, and 600 west. Two animations, I guess.

My newest project is West Broadway, east and west. These shots are taken a 15-second walk down my back stairs and across a parking lot. I'm taking 10-12 shots in each direction, every day that I'm able to, so I have about 200 images for each direction already.

As you non-peggers will see (or ex-pat Peggers), it's been raining a LOT here lately.

West Broadway, east

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Kate's Crisis. Torn Between Two Loves.

This is perhaps the last in my Celebrity Gossip series, all of which were created at "craft night", a now-defunct meeting that occured once or twice a month at Claire's house for about a year and a half.

Basically, about a dozen or so of us would get together and drink and make art.

Sadly, Claire moved to a smaller place, and Craft Night is now dormant.

This collage is part of my ongoing "Owen, Chris and Kate series". A very tragic and public love story, played out for our amusement and consumption.

Celebrity is monstrous, but so is our endless appetite for it.

Tough times on the Prairie. Sacred.

Art City collage # 1 of 3.

I recently attended Knackerson's workshop at Art City. For some reason, I was collaging, though I believe it was a drawing workshop. Knackerson was very kind about it, though, and even served me coffee.

The next three works were all created in one afternoon at Art City.

I feel that Art City is a bit like Craft Night, except that there is less drinking (as in none) and fewer grown ups.

If only I'd started when I was younger. At the end of the day, when all the talk is done, the scorecard tells the real story.

Art City Collage #2 of 3

You're # 1 ! You can buy a cheap Chevy. We're watching your weight.

Art City Collage # 3 of 3.