Friday, October 31, 2008

comment, October 28/08

Blogger MADAME SANCHEZ said...

hi, how are you, i love this squirrel and this whiteboard, and i love the people who are doing arts, and i love pelicans, and i love lake winnipeg, and i love the pudget sound, and i love soup so much that's insane, and i love pouring people, and i love fake voices.

Madame Sanchez

"You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something the whole ocean is doing." --- Alan Watts

This person is
you and i am
like a
mirror and you're
invisible I am
like a
taken in your kitchen
at a party on
and the
colour of
fall inside your
veins and
your minds i
am the
unseen place you are
looking for a
to find the
in your
life i am the
door to your
unknown and the
morning glory i
am a
wordless you i am
the red-yellow
in an

vive le manitoba LIBRE!

vive le manitoba LIBRE!

vive le canada.


It's not new but still makes me laugh...and whinge ...and I love Will Oldham ~m

Hell for Sale

Royal Albert/Fuzzy Memories

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Which one?

Neil Young is my hero

Now, I apologize that this video is kinda dull-- but listen to the song anyway whilst surfing the 'net.

A forgotten Neil Young classic-- Cowgirl in the Sand-- 10 minutes of mind-blowing guitar shredding.

Although I've always thought his guitar playing was good, this song reminds me that he's actually masterful. I recommend headphones and beer with it.

Seriously-- this song will blow your mind.

He wrote it in 1969, when he was delirious in a 103-degree fever.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Renzo Gracie

Like I told you before, I will die shitting on my pants, like everybody else, but knowing who I was, you know, knowing for sure and truly who I was.



You shook my hand
in the way
that transmits strength
discipline and
wonder from
the fingertips

You told me
that I should
be able to say
anything in a
few sentences
and what was the point
of my deepness anyway?

Could I change
the world?

I gave up on
changing anything
other than myself
years ago

The only thing
to be done
is to know that
it is your truth
and no one else's
that can guide you

Only you will know
the fear

Only you will know
the purity of your

Squeeze and tell me
then, why are you here?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So you think

You walked in, spine straight,
because we're animals
and there's just something
that isn't quite right
between us

You criticised my dress
not thinking that I could
ever do such business

"Every time I speak to you
your resume is getting bigger,

"Who would guess
that I know
your dirty secrets"

"Professional, found
inebriated, working, being free"

It could shock the world,
or maybe your world

because you don't understand
what it means and
what it takes
and you think you know me

How else could it be that
every time we speak
I get just a little bit bigger

Nothing happens
that way


Monday, October 27, 2008

Accidental Black and White Still Life With Painting of Coho


cockatrice.jpg, originally uploaded by babajiwotan.


Is it just me or is there a very dramatic global event unfolding. Im not sure if you all are beleiving the hype or not but it would seem as if whole national economies are collapsing around the world like a house of cards. Am i wrong. What does this mean. Could I get some insight here.

Happy 30th Daniel Saidman!

(watercolor by Chris Pancoe and James Culleton)

untitled 27

they invade my memory: hands do

your hands:
little warm worms
digging in my cold earth
tiny heart shaped palms
and sent off to school

this morning: your fingers trace a line
on the corridor wall
as we walk to room 100

your hands (that take the shape of swans,
mountains, oceans, flowers,
and pillows) wring the memory out of me.

and maybe it wouldn't be so bad
if i could forget the shape of your hand
running down my back
when we said goodbye too often

your little hands do

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ya un ecureuil qui s'est tape un criss de snack, part 1

So, this is a new project-- a tracking of the white-board communication between 4 people in a very busy (but tranquil) house.

In this, the first chapter of our drama, someone has left a garbage bag on the balcony, and a squirrel has had un criss de snack, scattering trash everywhere.

un criss de snack, part 2

here, we have the players in this drama-- the ecureuil qui s'est tape un criss de snack as well as, clockwise from top:

--K-Man, Quebecois artist, film technician, social facilitator, ambassador.

--Emilio Esteban: lover, artist, chef, musician, bon vivant.

--LoCo: blogger, student of journalism, feminist, prairie-born.

--WolfBoy: devotee, writer, penitent, celebrant, hunger artist.

JQ Bridge and Trees, Autumn, #1

So... here are five hopefully in sequence pictures of my ongoing series-- these comprise a sample of about 900 pics in this period-- Sept-Oct 08.

Jacques Cartier Bridge, autumn part 2

Shames Mountain



sketch crawl T.O. (Saturday am)

moonbeam coffee is a collaboration between Olivia and I.

The Wolverine Zombie Brothers

New Manitoba Hydro Building

2 new drawings

stuff in my great room

Mimi's Art Party

que why's melee
kill kill drawing collab(h)oration

melody's portraits

SketchCrawl #20 Winnipeg 2

My sketchcrawl found me at Don's Deli to start where I bumped into many artists, including Chris Pancoe, Jennie O'Keefe, Cyrus Smith, Ted Mayer, and the infamous and notoriously 30, Daniel Saidman.

Sketchcrawl #20 - Winnipeg

Sketchcrawl #20.01
Central Park, Winnipeg.
Acrylic on Canvas
Sketchcrawl #20.02
Central Park, Winnipeg
Oil Pastel on Black Stonehenge.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

X-Ray Specs

Apparently i have great bone density.

The Adverts

Autism display

Demented with virtue of Halloween


First Little Studio

That snowboard in the corner gives away how old school (or just old maybe) I am. It's like a dinosaur, but a sleek deadly one, like a velociraptor or something. Soon I will resurrect it, and then ride it. I'm pretty excited. I hope I don't fall down and break my hip.

The scenery around here should be inspiring for art making. The canvas on the left is going to be an abstract painting based on the different colours and textures that I think are unique to this place (or at least different from Winnipeg or Korea).

Friday, October 24, 2008

before you say anything

in lieu
of all that you have said
of all that I have not done
of all that could have been
of whatever you wanted it to be
of the way things just are
of how it's supposed to be
of what everyone says
of this and that and the other
of not trying hard enough
of labels that don't fit
of round pegs and square holes
of wanting to make it all right

let's just do nothing for a change


there is a sound there
just over there
a sign of ... something
not ominous, not overbearing
barely there in the air
just at the edge of hearing

there is a sound that tells
that speaks that swells
in the overdone days
that seeks to compell
that draws you in
that moves the wind
of autumn's breath
the world it spins
why does the sun rise
over that forlorn prize
hidden in moonlight
and smothered in lies
and the cause of it all
is the sound, is the call
from eons ago
sun rise and sun fall

there is a sound
a pounding around
an up and a down
oscillating like frowns
and smiles and smirks
passing in and out and
through and on and away

there is

Wayne Walker

WAYNE WALKER January 7, 1942 – October 19, 2008 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Wayne Walker on Sunday, October 19, 2008 at the age of 66 years. Remaining to forever cherish Wayne’s memory are his wife Elaine of 43 years of marriage; daughter Melody and son-in-law Brad; son Christopher McKellar; two wonderful grandsons Kyle and Kristopher; mother Nellie Yosyk; sisters Brenda and June; as well as cousins, relatives and many, many friends. He was predeceased by his brother Peter Yosyk in 2007. Wayne Walker made his mark in 1954 as “Mr. Rock N’ Roll” and hadn’t stopped since. Starting out playing school dances and teen hops, Wayne survived all the musical trends over the years from the 60’s British Invasion, 70’s Disco craze, New Wave 80’s, Hip Hop 90’s and the New Millennium. 1963 was the year when the Wayne Walker band started playing hotels and clubs. This eventually opened the door for other local bands, as hotels were introduced to LIVE music in their rooms, which soon became the demands of the patrons. Through the sixties and seventies, Wayne worked at many Rock N’ Roll revival tours. Playing with the likes of Buddy Knox, Ronnie Hawkins and Johnny Rovers, not only establishing Wayne’s credibility on an international level, it created a friendship among Rock N’ Roll pioneers. When Wayne Walker hit the stage, it became ALIVE with those good old 50’s and 60’s sounds. In June 1987 while performing “Shakin All Over” (A Manitoba musicians reunion of the past 30 years), it was very evident that Wayne was heavily respected by his peers as “Mr. Rock N’ Roll”. A celebration of Wayne’s life will be held on Thursday, October 30 at 8:00 p.m. at the Pony Corral, 1700 Pembina Highway. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Wayne’s memory to the charity of one’s choice. WOJCIK'S FUNERAL CHAPEL & CREMATORIUM 1020 MAIN STREET 586 - 8668


the words are frozen to my tongue
here in front of my violet Remington,
amphitheatre of metal letters, relief
eludes me
there is no playing of this field

on sullivan street
in the shadow of the towers
in this small cavern of an apartment
where street light shines my skin
day glow and translucent
like those scientific images of babies in the womb
and all I can do is
to the wailing of the fire trucks
in Chinatown, sound of horror instead of alarm,
and I watch
as a ghost makes its way across the crumbling walls
of this apartment, that I hardly recognize
in this light.


three sat side by side
one was mistaken
one was unperturbed
two were unremarkable
two were constant
one was eroding

passing by I witnessed
and did not comment at the time
looking back I cannot see any more
but only remember
re-envision re-create and respond

three sat ... but did they?
did - what does that mean?

{tangent: in the study of language, one learns that tense seems to be a characteristic of all known languages, which is an interesting fact given that we can never experience the past, but only see it in our minds' eye - and thus every language seems to be concerned foremost with matters of the mind and not external reality - or perhaps better, the mind is the reality of language?}

I am an explorer
but I do not make a map
or carry a journal
but merely take notice of the
land marks