Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sealed Envelope

Was in a sealed envelope to heaven
and no one had known where I`d been
there was a white pill on the floor
and the water
was no help at all

Amid this intense lucid dreaming
my lip can`t follow
the words that I make
but why would he do this to himself?
why would he do this to himself

When will this go away
I`m much too happy
too happy to say
that I feuled the Enola Gay
and flew it over
american states

but I think that I`ve been here before
sell my blood for dinner
is it art?
or nothing at all?

Was in a sealed envelope to heaven
and no one
knows what I`ve seen
but why would we do this to ourselves?
why would we do this to ourselves

Millennium Library

for our expatriates
here's the knackerson comparison...

this is the newest saidman painting. it is for a xxxmas show in TO. it was inspired by the coville painting blizzard posted a month ago. Posted by Picasa

How the West was won?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Study Break III

Joe and Ren have decided that in the future all couples will look this great.
Joint post: Renberries and the Krahn

James L. Culleton

Josef Vissarionovich Stalin

Party is over. Where is your party pin? Do not worry everything is better! Everything is more cheerful! Thank you comrade Stalin for decreasing the sacharine ration for the fourth quarter in a row!

Joe 'Is that a Kulak in your pants' Stalin

And then we have party boy Stalin. What a card

Uncle Joe

Well, everybody is young sometime. It's funny how the young revolutionaries and general historic movers and shakers look like every left wing student. He probably ate soup out of a can, which, as we all know is the early twentieth century version of kraft dinner.


I can't put my finger on it

i just had to get that ugly dog off the screen Posted by Picasa

Ugly Dog - R.I.P

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Suit, or........

This painting was recently impaled by a guitar (don`t ask). So I`m just giving the image a cyber send off from happier times. I`m not aware of any canvas repair methods. The hole is in between them.....hmm. Maybe it just finished itself.....?

Andrew Courtnage

A picture of Mordecai Richler.


this is a great photo of the "beat" poet allen ginsberg, taken by harry redl. redl is a truly fascinating character--born in vienna in 1926, conscriped into the german navy towards the end of the war when the germans were desperate for bodies to fill the ranks. his ship was sunk in the north atlantic in 1945 and he was captured by the u.s. navy, then spent the last several months of the war working as a translator for the canadian army.

immigrated to canada after the war, worked in logging camps, and all sorts of other odd jobs, before hitting the road. in the 50's, a friend gave him a camera, and he got really into photos. ended up passing through san fran on his way to mexico, and loved it so much he spent several years there on the way back, eventually befriending and photographing most of the major "Beat Generation" writers.

in 1961, he went to Hong Kong for a vacation, and ended up staying there for several years, documenting the VietNam War for six years.

i think he's still living... in vancouver.

irving layton

this is another harry redl image, of the montreal poet irving layton.

layton was a seriously crusty s.o.b., and part of the holy trinity of montreal-jewish writers.

a.m. klein (you gotta read him) was the first, writing thousands of poems from about 1920-50, before he suffered a nervous breakdown and spent the last 25 years of his life never leaving his house or seeing anyone.

then came layton, writing from about 1950-90.

then came leonard cohen.


The Sharma Sisters Consult Their Crystal Ball

dancing on the tightrope

tightrope, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

oh let me go home dancing on a tightrope
wearing superman's shoes Im a Jedi
with a new hope
remembering what Jah told me
from the burning bush

Holy Crow the gate is opened.
How long have I been conjuring this passage?

Now the tiger is giddy.

Im in the process of creating 4 final tracks to ensure the success of the path to be release next week before i leave.

prayers for peace and war to the world

She's Back!!!

yeah so it looks like now I have to relegate myself to borrowing Killah's identity in order to maintain my status within this circle-jerk of artists and intellectuals...i'm waiting for acceptance here knack-brains....I know I've made it into your heart, now will you please just recognize my validity as a fellow artist-intellectoid? I know that there have been few comments or posts on my behalf, and for that void, I truly repent. I have nonetheless assumed (and it appears mistakingly so), that this blog was rooted in its original manifestation as a free forum for ideas, thoughts, and art. In the days of old I don't remember having a quota. If I remember correctly, inspiration was the measure of when I should or shouldn't contribute.

Now, if this has simply been a ploy to ignite my interest in this blog, well-done James ol'boy. Well-done. If it hasn't, well, I'm sad that the original Label forum has been laid to rest.

love Ren

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Quitmoanez and The Three Stages of Departure



PICT0067, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Daves trying to cast some kind of mumbo jumbo voodoo micro-macro spell on me.

I keep saying

Im just a kitten! Just a sweet little kitten!

And the kitty keeps saying

Look at me Im an artist! Look at me Im a wizard!

Saturday, November 26, 2005




The circle
a core
of ever
the resounded

The liminal
wash over
a shine
that felt it
go through
from once
it came
to the many

The glances
visions of
the ratio
from hunger
to end in
the soft

q and nada surf

so quiet

it's neither

nor space

it's just high

and you talk to the cieling
play songs
at the wrong speed

blone on blonde
from a giant golden

until we both
get right off
of our heads

new post

i got bored
seeing as how

there were only
a few new
posts (though
they were good
ones don't
get me wrong)

and decided to write a
in the modern style

only i had
much to say

so i wrote
about duality
and angst

and the empty
reaches of space

and how silence
worms itself in so
deeply that i
give up on
these words:

whereupon you
said (acknowledging
your debt to

this is not

this is another poem

and handed it

The Nautilus versus The Brain

So these are the two labyrinths I've got in the works. Which do you like/dislike? (sorry about the pics, yekk)

Friday, November 25, 2005



Between Ra and Ptah (the world behind the eye)

they choose to raise ra god of sun, the chosen one
but somewhere inbetween
i lost everthing
for that is what i see
regardless of how i breathe

can you feel the paper
between your fingertips
ptah my love
you are the coldness
that holds me, for you are now
the only one here

eye of ra see
these words
that were wrote whilst you slept
away they answer me not
they go unheard

so i beg you
with tears instead
within a pounding heart

give me only one more day

Feel See

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

my latest

just in time for the SNAPS show.

and a detail...

since i'm interested in the whole language thing, i thought, in this case, the terminology of photography is particularly interesting. very hunter-ly, no?

facing east

facing west

Uncle Bob and Archie Wood

Speaking of "throwbacks".....
Anyone remember when Winnipeg
had it`s very own "Krusty the Clown"?

Monday, November 21, 2005


the call is out. the show at zekes has gone to phase 2. hahahhahahahhah posted by dangerman Posted by Picasa

All Angles Towards the Middle

One Stripe Charlie

Hudson`s Bay R.I.P.

Fading Canadiana

Collage of Poets


Filling up for the end of days
Divinity before the storm
Divinity eats
Reach divine reach
The squirrel of divination

I was curious how many of these little critters Moanez had posted. Only five in the past few months! I thought there were hundreds. Cough'em up doctor, cough 'em up.


I did a drawing on this program called artpad. Check it out by clicking here.

Give it a try it's lots of fun.

And here's Krahn's pretty face as per Macro's request

Sunday, November 20, 2005

My kinda reflection.....

This was sent to me by
someone who saw a few of my
"3rd generation perspective"
paintings. It`s right up my
alley, but it`s N.Y.
I`m still phocus-ing in on reflections
of Wpg`s architectural wunderkinds.
So, it`s on my list.........Today the `Peg,