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I-Tunes Release

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Hello friends,

Smoky Tiger and the Seven Doors is now available on I-tunes. If you havnt heard it yet or even if you have why not support your friendly neighborhood Smoky Tiger. It´s only 99 cents a song and you dont even need to leave your computer console!

I need to recupe the costs of this one before I make a new one so help me obi won kenobi. You re my only hope.

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...this graphic is one of my latest in the Uniter...

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Peru travelog

I just spent the past couple of weeks in a Hare Krishna ashram just north of Lima Peru. The Ashram is situated on a stretch of beach next to the pacific ocean and is surrounded by huge sanddunes. It never rains. A complicated series of mini canals feed a large self sustained vegi farm growing strawberries, corn, lettuces, carrots, tomatoes and others. The farm operates on biodynamic principles originated from Rudolf Steiner which means no pesticeds or genetic control. Also the seeds are planted and arranged according to the movement of the heavenly bodies. Rules at the ashram are no intoxicants, no meat eating, no sex. They have peacocks and a turtle and amazing adobe style temples and living spaces. I taught yoga classes.

The krishna consiosness movement was founded by this dude in the picture. He came from india in the sixties and converted many dirty hippies to the worship of Krishna. Primary principle is BhaktĂ­-yoga or the yoga of devotional love for god. They see all god worship in all the world to be the worship of the same god. They have a prophet that came 500 years ago who released the knowledge held by the brahmas to the masses. This dude told everyone that the gates of heaven would be open as long as you chant the name of god and dance around. Hare Krishna Kare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare hare. This means basically, ´God, let me be an instrument for your love´´

They have dieties and a big alter behind a curtain. 4 or five times a day they open the curtain and everyone dances around and sings. Many of the devotees spend all day caring for the deities. Every day they get a new set of clothes, everyday they take a bath, and you cant eat any food until its been offered to them first. Devotees wake at 4 am, take a cold shower and start devotions.

These people were very sweet and we got a long well. I sang all of their songs and read all of their books (some of them). Mostly in our discussions it served to strengthen my personal convictions that you can access the devine realms through the material realm through various processes and that´s ok with Krishna too. This organization focuses all energy on the devotional service at the expense of all other joga forms. I think physical asanas are key.

I also dont agree that every one NEEDS a guru and that the gurus word is forever law. I rather prefer the concept of the guru within. When asked if we are the body or the soul I said both, wheareas they try to deny the body at all costs. I feel that denying the material is the denial of the feminin aspect of reality. Some interesting tidbits I gathered about the guru in this ashram is that he doesnt beleive the Americans landed on the moon and also beleives that aids was started in a lab.

There is much wisdom to be gathered from the Indian texts such as the bhagavad gita and the bhagavatam. The vedic traditon is the longest standing faith system. Although I would argue the traditions of shamanism spread back deeper.

The greatest thing with this place is that everyone gets together at the end of the day and sings songs and discusses fundamental questions of reality. Also vegetarian diet is pretty darned good. But so is smoking reefer and Im pretty sure altered states have a traditon of being used in this faith. I was greatly stimulated by this atmosphere and am very greatful. They bestowed apon me a set of mala beads in order for me to recite the mantra. I also learned how to make dream catchers.

I was sad to leave and they gave me a bag of Krishna Clothes to take to another ashram in the jungles of ecuador. I feel privelaged to have this devotional mission. I leave their feeling lucid and cleansed.

Back in Lima now which is an ancient seething grey polluted cesspool. Never gets sunshine because the clouds get caught and pushed back by the towering andes! Makes me wonder why they built a city here in the first place. Maybe Im being a bit harsh. We´re going to spend the day trying to find some shining spots like the beautiful old churches and museums. Need to gather information about the ancient cultures as we´re headed north to the sunny beach where there´s many ruin sites. The ruins of Chan Chan is the oldest and largest adobe city in the new world. Apparently their culture was inspired primarily by the San Pedro Cactus.

If you´re interested Ill continue my travelog here as It progresses.

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I was wrong in deleting this blog. For that I am sorry and my apology goes out to all those you have contributed and felt hurt by this move. I'm really sorry, my intention wasn't to hurt anyone's feelings.

Of course, you have probably guessed by now, that I would never have destroyed all this work and that the blog is safely archived. So 'deletion' was merely flipping the switch off, and then on 'again. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my actions are any less bad only that I would never destroy all that collaboration.

And although lots of people may be angry with me, I think that I have learned a lot from this. People's reactions and some thoughtful words from friends gave me advice on what to do next.

And as you can see by the link below a new era has begun on!



Elvis Presley-My way

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"The government of a sage-king is carried on through moral instruction and education; that of a military lord is conducted through force and compulsion." Yu-Lan, F (1948) A short history of Chinese philosophy. New York: The Free Press, p. 74.

Drawing of a Studio (sans artiste)

This Post Has Been Removed By The Author

but I'm so lonely without ALFA

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Flame Chicken

The blog was deleted.The blog had come to an end. After no serious discontent, after no major event, the blog crumbled, gone as quickly as it had been created and there it was, finished. Could it be so? Could it all be over? Or is this a new beginning? ....or if not...than when is good day to end this blog?
How about 03/02/2010. (exactly five years after its beginning in 03/02/09).

That gives us three more months to wrap this thing up and call it done.

Easy Come Easy Go

I missed a few things
but was alerted to an emergency situation

fortunately, the patient is in recovery
and the prognosis is good

but it does make me bear in mind
(as I usually do, when I don't forget)
that all things on the internet
(and in this life, don't forget)
are nothing but dust and ether

and often much less than either
- fortunate are we to ever see anything more


A touch of the madness on a Tuesday afternoon

A human being is nothing but a series of thoughts, strung on a curve disjointed from thing to thing along the same pattern of a theme. Diversity along a string of divination. The fast forward moments of a time slowed down so that I can think it.

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His XVI'ness on Beauty

"What is capable of restoring enthusiasm and confidence? What can encourage the human spirit to rediscover its path, to raise its eyes to the horizon, to dream of a life worthy of its vocation - if not beauty?
The experience of beauty does not remove us from reality, on the contrary, it leads to a direct encounter with the daily reality of our lives, liberating it from darkness, transfiguring it, making it radiant and beautiful.
You are the custodians of beauty: thanks to your talent, you have the opportunity to speak to the heart of humanity, to touch individual and collective sensibilities, to call forth dreams and hopes, to broaden the horizons of knowledge and of human engagement."
-- J.A. Ratzinger 2009

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Plischkeknick Family Collaboration

Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade 2009

Kenn 88

Found: 16"x20", signed "Kenn" (perhaps Kenneth?). Anyone recognise the painting or care to guess at the artist? Bought last week at a second-hand store in the North End. It was in a very good frame with a nice linen liner. ~m

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CBC - 10 of the most significant visual artists of the 2000s

Lists are of course arbitrary, especially when it comes to art. I guess that's what makes them interesting? Anyways, when I read this I immediately wondered what you guys thought.

Just a side note, I had no idea that Damien Hurst had sold one of his collections for $198 MILLION US. And he's still alive!

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from the Burton Cummings Theatre

And this our life exempt
From public haunt
Finds tongues in trees,
Books in the running brooks
Sermons in stones and
Good in everything

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This is a group show that I'll be in; I produced one new painting for this, which I'll be posting within the next day or so. Opening night is Tuesday, November 10th. Graffiti Gallery, 109 Higgins Ave., Winnipeg. (204) 667-9960
Artists: Freddie ThomasMike JohnstonNereo IIGreg OakesPat LazoJames VandalWesley John HarcusRich HandfordKurt WiscombeJil RamsayChris Stanscoral pollocksteve mc Conneldon ritsonStevo MccS. Arden Hill, and more!

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I stumble down
Nassau’s footway, pursued by the
carnival of street noise to
where rosedale glows.

I alight on the doorstep
and push open
the sound
for Dylan
and the thickness
of the silence acoustic
shelves lined with volumes
the drift of my finger's
over ridge
over face over spine
each awake now
silently mouthing their words to me
in language I finally can understand.

Something Like This?

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Pre-Christmas Consumerist Blitz

Hey all!

I wanted to share my on-line show "Pre-Christmas Consumerist Blitz" Starting at 6pm CMT on Sunday, November 8, 2009. It's an open event, not exclusive to facebook friends, so, if inclined... and while you're at it, add me on FB!

Pre-Christmas Consumerist Blitz - Click here!

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Drawing Collaboration

not sure who got in on this one...Courtnage, Macri & Culleton I suspect

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robot Suit

Art Review

Tonight I went to Cre8ry and saw "Qualia". I had a fun time meeting Ludolf Grolle' and one of the exhibiting artists, Blake McArthur. Blake's organic, nonrepresentational abstraction, of course, caught my attention. His paintings are done quickly, and I think the flury of activity remains in tact, frozen in the paint. The rhythm of marks and removal creates a sort of organic patten I find very familiar and appealing.

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After Hours...4

Ali! Ali! Ali!

The worm

The worm just keeps digging.
Inside inside,
further into further,
deeper into deeper.
The worm just keeps digging.
Reaching into reaching,
folding into folding,
The worm just keeps digging.

At one instance

At one instance, every thing, in itself, is expression.
Contour is expression of a blind faith.
A trust for the inalienable possibility of identity.
And not unity into a single form,
but a fantastically re-enchanted real observation
of the interplay between one and many,
the dot like plenum continuum,
the gelled string of extant
that is me and my circumstances,
me in my life.

Ah, it too lives.

I am one, and we are many,
it is both, the third order ontology
of being.

The death of a son

Only in death does one have a name:

Let us be thankful that this young man
is now released from the sweet sweet apathy.

Blessed be the rage in him,
through him, and with him.

Let us be thankful this father will one day
also know the beauty of the everlasting hope,
and can for now accept the empathy
which flows from these minds of weak resistance.

Blessed is the rage in the light of life.

Autumn Art Auction

I'm part of an art auction at the North Dakota Museum of Art.

Click here to check it out

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I dislocated my pinky finger today in my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. I was fighting my buddy Chris, who's a beast, but I'm a better grappler so far, heh heh. Anyways, it hurt, but it wasn't so bad (it actually kills right now though). Good thing, it's on my bowing hand for cello, so no biggie, and I don't use it when doing clinical work, phew. The crazy part about it though was right afterwards, I felt ok, but then all of a sudden, I felt really sick, felt like puking, and then I got really light headed, and from what they tell me, I turned ghost white. Chris massaged my temples, it was nice. :) This lasted about 10 minutes, and then I recouped and was fine. Physiology I tell you, all linear and sh-t. So again, I ask you, was I too invested in my perception, intellectually and emotionally? Jokes!

"Musical Chairs" Painting Collaborative (unfinished)

Macri, Courtnage, Saidman and Krahn

Thursday, October 22, 2009

c-dog and wolfBoy circa 2003


Laughter fills the cup of the soul.
It makes you live, it makes you love.
Laughter fills the basin of trust.
Its makes you nice, it gives you honest lust.

The Things of Love

The eyes of fruition
are seen here today

The things I have listened
The cruelties I've said

For this is apology
Your gracious deep breath

When I lost to love
stuck on that day

Never the same
to gift in exchange

Your body is light
your naivety fame

Forever so bright
Forget what I said

Yet easy to resent
is the hurt I have laid

But always remember
You know you're the same

The best and the sane
support in extreme

I wish I could be
what you need to slave

I love you the same
the day I forgave

I'll love you the same
until it's explained

lady - night & day (josco approved)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"Fashion is made to become unfashionable." Coco Chanel

Change and evolution in fashion was brilliantly summarized by British critic James Laver, who in 1937 at the height of the Surrealist movement, wrote that the same article of clothing will be "indecent 10 years before its time, shameless five years before its time, outre 1 year before its time, smart, dowdy 1 year after its time, hideous 20 years after its time, romantic 100 years after its time, beautiful 150 years after its time."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

this sentence follows me everywhere...

because i keep writing it on post-its and carrying it around. I no longer have any memory of where it came from, but i keep finding new reasons to love it.

"perception is a condition to which we are intellectually and emotionally attached."


Above the Arctic Circle

flying with those two
above the Arctic Circle

we played cards
spoke and said not much
glances was all we understood

there’s no need
to deal in order
that is the order of things here:
time allows that luxury

the role of cards
and of glances
in a place like this
is to alleviate the burden of time


A review of the "The Fall Show" by WIGTADS International


An idea ran back and forth in his head like a blind man, knocking over the solid furniture. - F.Scott Fitzgerald


I, a big ball of need indeed
hiding wanting making
me greed

I, a big ball of need indeed
hiding wanting making
me greed

Monday, October 19, 2009

nyoman lempad

Check out this artist from bali. 

Died when he was 116 years old!


Is a friend
part of the
when love
to dance
its light

Is sensibility
the path
to be taken
when fire
grips the
melting flesh

Are all rules
lost in the
violent throws
of choosing


Break me down
again and link
to my dreams

Splinter me
again and sweep
up my faith

Show me
something that
breaks it down
again and again

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My TV is Haunted

This is sure to give you a start, make sure you're alone and in the dark when you watch it:

I don't want to give it away but doenst something unusal happen when he says the word 'American'?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

World Toy Camera Day: October 17th

OK so maybe it's not as big a Christmas or Louis Riel Day yet. Nonetheless World Toy Camera Day is a chance to get out there and tinker with your Lomo, Holga or in my case a rare "Debonair" (Diana clone) from the 60s or 70s loaded with a discount roll of E6 slide film from Don's. Shot these last weekend at the Nopiming Park northwest of Lac Du Bonnet. It was a weekend full of food, drink, photography and painting. ~m