Friday, March 31, 2006

Yesterday Bill Gave a History Lesson About the Founding of CARFAC to The Univerity of Winnipeg Art History Department.


Climbing hills
where hearts get
torn and where
this loving
thoughts of
sweat and
on back
is danger
and the battlefront
that gives


There's some strange power
when the hour that comes
and we can borrow:
The only interest is death

Rise of the Morning

Rebel leader
what is it that you said

This is my message to you

Live with abandon
empathy and control

About the things
and rise of the morning


Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
Whoah Peg City is a sloshy mess! Im just wandering around everyone's gambling and playing fricking awsome music and there's parties and good bars everywhere and so many excellent old freinds and also some early bird kick bag.

Art and Music Galore! Great styles!!

This summer we're hosting a noble (no-bull) savagery competition with points being awarded to that warrior who performs the greatest feats of Noble Savery in the name of Peacefull Chaos.

We are the judges as well as the bestowers of magnificient prizes on all the glorious winners of this contest.

May everyone win in the name of Spring 2006 !!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Corona Girl Three

pulling over my head
smelling the cologne
realizing that i'd be happier
unencumbered, cold and alone.

more randoms....

The Most Beautiful Girl In the World

Corona Girl One

Coke Blazen Corona Girl
I've got my sights on you
wipe that toilet cake
off your pretty face

beer in a bucket
my sweet little cougar
smiling corona girl
that is your place

sell me your beer
and love that’s true

Corona Girl Two

Your soft cold small hands
search for a beer that's not there
so I the clever one
can see your qualifications
poke through your underwear
I'm not surprised
your humours not refined like mine
but after all, you look nice
in what you’re wearing.

Corona Girl Three

what bitter irony is this?
the cap doesn't twist?
compliments aren’t tips?
the choice is:
too much cologne
Body odour from the dance floor.
who will think the most genuinely of you?
living thing
take Edward Said home and a labbat blue.

It seems that each of us is on deadlines so i thought i would post this image. It is ment to remind you that you are a fighter and that you are not alone. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Burgeoning Beautiful Blossoms

The superiority of natural beauty over that of art, namely that- even if art were to excel nature in form- it is only beauty that arouses a direct interest, which agrees with the refined and solid way of thinking of all people who have cultivated their moral feeling. Kant


Here is a drawing of Tim Hortons. You may not recognize it without the line up for coffee.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Bunny Party 5 "Sid"

Standing between loneliness and alignment...

“The independent artist and intellectual are among the few remaining personalities equipped to resist and to fight the stereotyping and consequent death of genuinely living things. Fresh perception now involves the capacity to continually unmask and to smash the stereotypes of vision and intellect with which modern communications {i.e. modern systems of representation} swamp us. These worlds of mass-art and mass-thought are increasingly geared to the demands of politics. That is why it is in politics that intellectual solidarity and effort must be centered. If the thinker does not relate himself to the value of truth in political struggle, he cannot responsibly cope with the whole of life experience.”

- C. Wright Mills, taken from Edward Said's Representations of the Intellectual


I went to the biodome for an exhibition on butterflies where you walk into a room with hundreds of them flying around. This was a moth I saw...isn't it beautiful?

Oh, Gustav!

Following Macro's lead, here's a little diagram of Carl Gustav Jung's that I found in a yellowed Time Life book from the 60's.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

rage swirls down the drain........?


Bird like
In the water stream

The hot
Makes the ache
Seem like a dream

Rage swirls
Down the drain

A bath
could only
steep me in my pain

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sponge Gods

Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
The sponge gods are mocking me from their sparkly kitchen and toilet rim heaven as I am still prowling this infernal cess pit of a capitol. BOLLUCKS! I Missed my flight! Exibhiting dislexia and kinderkarten time-telling skills at the worst of all moments I arrived 12 hours late. 12:30 AM refers to the middle of the night not Noon. I did not know that. So now Im royally skewered. Forget the party, Will I even make it back this week?

Last night while sleeping I had an extremely strong vision of a bull that had one eye missing.



I almost lost my mind doing this
Praise the Maze-Maker!
Print it, and have fun.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My first paintings...

The landscape is from 1988, my very first. My teacher Steve Repa did the grey strokes. He taught me more than any other, he died of cancer the following year. (ironically, the blame was put on the non-ventilated art room keln, he was a master potter). The woman was 2000, my 2nd oil (and my first Label exhibit). Just a warning, I`m going through the archives- more to come.


An oldie but a goodie.....Thompson Mb circa march 2005.

All Hail the GodKing

Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
All hail the Godking as the Godking hails you. You are the Godking.

This is Hanuman the great, Hanuman the strong, Hanuman the humble servant, Hanuman the warrior, Hanuman the brave.

I like to call him BabajiWotan. The new and improved concept of what I want to become having leapt through the burning ring like a tiger in a circus like a steaming calf being born in a Winnipeg alley.

Sorry to be gushing and a bit of a BlogHog these past few days but holy krikey Im pretty excited. Today's the last day of this damndable expedition and looking back now its been one hell of a year and a half since I last walked those frigid icy streets that are so dear to my heart.

Can't wait to get out out of this strange backwards dusty futuristic metropolis hive world with it's elephants and monkeys and diaria and lepers and begger babies and saronged angry german tourists screaming at the autorickshaw drivers over a lousy 10 rupies. What an awsome place.

Im going to head back to my room and count my treasure and figure out how to fit all my damn loot into my bags in such a way that I can still walk down to the cab tommorrow morning. Presents for everyone!! HO HO HO

Remember party on Sunday night.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Only in the Past

I hold my first baby.
Dan, Jesse and little Logan(aka Wolverine)
Babies have big futures and little , little hands.

The winds of human spirit

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Crazy Gnarly Dudes

Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
Here's some crazy dudes practicing Holi. Holi is where on one special day everyone (mostly dudes) throw paint on each other and go crazy. On casually exiting my dwelling place (on a routine trip to the shite-box no doubt) I happened apon a mob of these splendid fellows who promptly covered me in mud and paint and propositioned me for some rupies to further their cause.

GodKing Epitaph

Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
It's important to study our predescessors.

Smoky the Khan

Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
There I am with a big crazy building in the background. The rich dude back in the day built this place first and then the tajmahal later based on the design. Quite impressive I must say. Somehow I've come in to a local circle here of young artist, music, video types here and last night I checked out their place. Smaller than the label and more subteranean but more money and high tech equipment. Full on sound and video editing studio. Their making commercials and such for national geographic. lots of $. I jammed out with the dude there on bass and it sounded awsome. I can't wait to unload my log bomb in Peg City.

Correction party on SUNDAY

Hey baby, what are you wearing?

Right now I'm sitting on a movie set wearing a nun's outfit. Waiting for my scene in a movie I got asked to be in.

Let me tell you, Audrey looks like she's alright, but this headgear and neck tie thingamajig is awfully uncomfortable.

But I guess everything's hunky dory when you love jesus.

To the Sea

A flock of bananabirds flaps over the Hills of Beans, following the river that will lead them through the Citrus Mountains and to the sea.

though slowly

the cold wind licks my edges sharply
a winding street carries my feet a sway
I am blind drunk.
And it is monday.

slow icy careful steps
and the rythm of passing cars
take me from this winters march
draw me somewhere safe and warm

and in my mind the headlights fall
as waves breaking on the shore
white sand memories aid my stride
and sure enough, safely, rest assured

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jaguar Ressurection

Jaguar Ressurection, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Wow today I saw leopards making love at the Delhi Zoo today. How Marvelous!

My Delhi Belly has not cured itself and my battle with the wyrm is tiring me. Perhaps I have a Jabberwock in my belly?

Im getting back on Saturday theres a tentative gathering for food and drinks among family and freinds at the Courtnage residence on Saturday evening. Perhaps cullminating to a jam somewhere? Let's rally, I want to see as many of us in one room as possible.

Monday, March 20, 2006

2nd Installment in: "Good People, Bad Nothing"

This is my friend Nat. Her life currently revolves around the creation of a 3-D animation of a nose-picking. She has also recently mentioned something about making puppets. She is wildly hard working and creative. Her compassion and easy laughter make her one of the best people to have by your side if you are faced with adversity.

You can check out her work by going to the PANFT website (amongst others) or by picking up a Matt Monsoon or BenWah cd case.
its that time of year again

Sunday, March 19, 2006

"beauty, let me praise thee" by georg grosz

a brilliant young historian named josephus krahn recently wrote a controversial paper stating that the 'great war' and social conditions in germany on partly formed his bleak world view, and that in fact our man georg was a bit of misanthrope long before the horrors of the war.

according to this josephus krahn fellow, old georg found an outlet in the war and its subsequent social problems in 1920's-30's germany to express the contempt he already felt for his fellow man (and woman).

i personally like the work of the other german expressionists better, esp kathe kollwitz-- they had more of a social and political agenda than grosz, who just seemed to dwell on the bleakness of things rather than proposing solutions, etc.

Oranges, 1999, oil on canvas


captaingoldstar, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

This picture has previosly been veiwed.
Here we see depicted Captain Goldstar with the Yin-Yang Standard and Goldhelmet weilding the blackstar guitar of Kaoss riding the invisible Tiger of Time and Space. In the left forground we see the Mysterious Goddess embodyment of the HIndu GOdess Laksmi.

The artist is posting this Blog Message on March 18? 2006 from New Delhi India.

"Wow this place is crazy. Talk about dense city. Imagine Winnipeg with five times the density. People every. COws too. I say liberate the cows of Manitoba. Equal rights for cows and monkeys and bears."

and also,

"Today I saw some magnificant architecture. THe bahai temple whoa this enormous white lotus. Incredible. Got some great footage. And some crazy mideavol towers. Like all the hindus and bdudists and Islamics and British who conquored this place tried to build a tower higher than the last GodkIng. And so I saw some freaking amazing towers. Like the time I had a vision of the 1000 year old tower that was 1000 feet tall. I can't stop raving about it."

Did you know Manitoba means "The Speaking God" And Louis Riel named it that?"

Goldstar to ground control, do you read me?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Bunny Party 4 "Fritz"

The Bunny Party 3 "Jaqueline

The Bunny Party 2 "Karloff"

The Bunny Party 1"Jazmin

Les Chanteuses

Barbaric Awakening

Barbaric Awakening, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Whoah New Delhi is crazy packed streets rickshaws bad smells Vishnu. Today I toured all the art galleries and ancient tombs. It's spring here and in the parks the flowers are blooming and young couples are courting with mustaches and saris. I bought myself a really expensive looking fake watch and fake gold jewelry and some tight jeans so that I will blend in.

Whoah, I got enlightened at the museum today. There was a civilization here 2000 years before Christ that was amazing. Really amazing detailed art. Excellent city design. I imagine it as ideal. I imagine it kind of like how it was in the Lord of the RIngs. With not so many people in the civilization so more harmony. And Bhudists to boot. That's one old religion.

Also my mind was also blown by the Indian minature painting. How did those crazy dudes in the middle ages paint so small!? I don't understand what tools they were using like tiny lazer brushes or something. Man we suck at painting compared to those old guys. They could fit my best painting (the kaoss machyn) on to a postage stamp and it would still have more detail.

Delhi is one old city. It's been sacked like 8 times over a span of 4000 years or something like that.

Any ways Im almost passing through the gate again back to Ye fabled city at the fork of two mighty rivers.

I drank too much ganga water and my belly sounds like a dishwasher and yesterday this weird belch came out of my mouth and it sounded like there was something alive in there. Like it wasn't me who belched but some kind of giant worm burrowed somewhere in my large intestine making a mating call. But the Ganga is holy so it's all good.

So roll out the whiskey stained purple carpet. Book me a spot on the label stage for a few all day jam sessions. Coming to a theatre near you.

Green Envy (Do you want to dominate yourself?)


This green envy
of my soul
that makes me

Reaching where I reach
living where I live
it can feel
it knows me

and I want it
to go away

It's a failure of me
its membership
in my fibre
fails me

it does not deliver me
It eats me
It dominates me


It crawls along with my self
feeding into every corpuscle
that rounds me out

That makes me feel whole
complete, numb from the rage
of that Chinese woman
with all the bags, begging
out her food insecurity

drowned out in State
collecting bags
that broke her mind

and we fail her
of the essence

and I hate
what this is

I am many faces
I am many beings
I am

cared for
and resistant

I dominate me
but know that you have failed

and you are yet free

to be
is not
in me

Friday, March 17, 2006

happy st.arthur's day?

If I had a dime for every time I heard the word "beer" uttered today...

i saw the d rangers at an afternnon concert series in the mall today. it was a great show but it was not a BIG TIME production

happy st. paddy's day

this here would be st. patrick, patron saint of ireland, nigeria, excluded people, and engineers.

born in scotland in 383 AD or so.

as a child, sold into slavery by marauding bandits. escaped after many years. went on to become a saint by travelling around i think and doing something with st. germain, though i'm not sure what.

died in ireland in 424-ish.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

last in the series?

this is townes van zandt. if you don't know him or his music, check him out. sorry, i tried to find a link to an audio clip but couldn't.

brilliant songwriter and (by his own admission) terrible singer.

the cowboy junkies take their name from his song "cowboy junkie lament".

lyle lovett (who's so cool he married one of the hottest women on earth other than jenni, even though he himself is, shall we say, somewhat less than handsome) did a double album in the mid 90's covering a whole bunch of twangy stars, but mostly our man townes.

townes was very very sad, and he never did get happy in his rather short life. but he wrote songs that are so beautiful they can make ya cry. (his most famous song, covered about a zillion time, is "if i needed you"-- you know... if i needed you/ would you come to me?/ would you come to me and ease my pain etc etc)

this is from "highway kind"

"time among the pine trees
felt like breath of air
usually i just walk these streets
and tell myself to care

i don't know too much for truth
but my heart knows how to pound
my legs know how to love someone
my voice knows how to sound..."

or... "flyin' shoes"

"days full of rain
sky pouring down again
i get so tired
of these
same old blues

same old song
but baby it won't be long
'fore i'll be tying on
my flyin' shoes

flyin' shoes
flyin' shoes

i'll be tying on
my flyin' shoes..."

nicest 5 buck breakfast in town

poem for my baby

on the side of heaven
where I thought I heard you cry
I peek out the window
at break neck speed
to catch a glimpse.

Know that
I’d swim through
I’d fall through
I’d travel there and back
Without stopping just
Wipe your nose
To brush your curls
To feel your warmbackmoveupanddown

Amazed that I just met you.
This morning
you lay sleeping
Like that
Anticipating that I’d be gone

Did you notice that my heart stopped beating
When I stepped out the door
Soon to be
Miles away
From you.


Burn my enlarged
Like lights too
Shining on
My privellege and me
Righteously indignant

I’d like to slap her face
What kind of mother are you
your Children
Buried alive
In kashmir
Soft and lush

cups of water
on your bedside

Poor mama
stripped maternal
a version of

Your hands
Push mud slime
slides down
efficent burial for
Tomorrows hope

Amidst touristhippies
smoking pot
Aititlan’s deep
Obscured by
Your children
One atop one
Huddling together for warmth

What kind of mother are you?
I admonish
Admist rumours of
Giraffe chemotherapy.

Alfa -bet

My Uncle Rejean, brother of my mom, created an alphabet. He lives in Sept Isles, Quebec. He does a lot of pen and ink drawings. I was reunited with him last month, and I hadn't seen him since I was 12. His art, my aunt's art and my art have something in common, there's something about the lines, I'm not sure what it is...

this is a drawing of the round table meeting at the carfac national face to face in ottowa

Self Portrait - Top View, Self Portrait - Top View Schema

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here's a guy to look up to....

Pictured here: Stephan Massicotte

From my less grandious series tentatively titled "Good People, Bad Nothing", Mr.Massicotte is a wonderful man. He works at a home for people with disabilities, and is also a landlord., and to top it all off, he's Rene's cousin!

He enjoys running, playing guitar, smiling and joking.

As you may have guessed, fame isn't one of the criteria in this series, unless you consider the honor and pride I post this man's visage, and then I guess he's famous beyond words. He has a good heart, he's genuine and wise beyond his years.

For those of you that have met him, you know what I'm talking about. What do you think?

From the Archives: Agonisar