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whats happening now

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Hey peeps, Im in Vancity!

The Shaman drumming thing was a huge success. There were way more people than I expected around the circle. Jeeze, Im so thankful to all you people who came and shared in the experience. Special thanks to James too for arranging the space. Im definately going to do it again when Im back in Pegtown.

Magic is real.

Ive erased all trace of music from my trusty Mr Computer in preperation for the new music Im making here. Blank slate. Im going to try to make this count.

Heres a quote from Alex Grey:

“In industrialized civilization, art has become a tool of commerce and fashion, draining much of its sacred functionality. Most mainstream art in galleries and museums today has neglected or camoflauged its role as a spiritual tool. Art-school graduates create cunning strategies that build upon and extend the latest art theory or contemporary style. Contemporary art has, at times, become a self referential and intellectual game. In contrast, “outsider, insane, naïve,folk,primitive, self-taught artists” do not pay attention to the contemporary art critical agenda. These artists make art because god told them to, or because they are simply possessed or obsessed with their own vision The intensely personal, sometimes crude energy that goes into these works brings an aura of raw authenticity that is lacking in much contemporary art.-

Also, I would keep my eyes on the Korean peninsula this week...

From China: The New "Dogs Playing Poker"?

I love it. I hate it. I love it. No, I hate it.

p.s. on the bright side chinaoilpaintingwholesale.com now has Mike Svob's available (handpainted) for $12. Serves him right though -- don't you think? ~~

Monday, March 30, 2009


This is a video of Eric Burdon from The Animals performing with WAR, Copenhagen 1971. I didn't know he was so smokin'.

Albert & McDermot

from the latest Uniter...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Irish Lose Their Sense of Humour Over Painting

The prankster who created a furore when his nude portraits of Brian Cowen, the Irish Prime Minister, were hung in two of Dublin's most prestigious galleries faced prison yesterday after police discovered his identity. Times of London article.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shamanic Journey

Alright all you sad-eyed wintery people of Winnipeg. Ive arrived in town for a week in order to help you usher in Spring. I wasnt expecting a blizzard! Maybe if we unite our astral wills together with one purpose we can dispel the snow in quick time. Mind you keeping things frozen may keep the flood waters at bay so let us not be to hasty about what we wish for.

I ran the shamanic ceremony twice in Toronto with much success. Good turnouts and every single person found a power animal and we all had a lot of fun. (On one day a full on wizard came to the circle! This grizzly bear dude who s seems to be very well knowledgable in druidry, runes, and magic in general. He spent the last 11 years in a monastery! Its interesting which characters may be drawn to a fire once you start it burning)

Id like to drum up some support for the one Im doing at James studio this sunday from 2:00-4:00. Ive lowered the price to 20$ and I garuntee its worth it! I wish I could do it for free but shamans need money too for more kraft dinner and mr noodles.

I find this circle making ritual is an especially interesting way to bond a bunch of people together. It would be sweet to see some of you labelites there. Especially since there are many of you who I dont beleive Ive ever met in -real- life.

Here more of a low-down about the process of shamanic journeying:

Central is the beleif that the material world we live in represents only one level or plane of existence. Behind or beyond this world lies the Otherworld, the world of power and potencies, of spirits and forces which can guide and help us, if only we would recognize their existence and accept their reality.

In the shamanic worldview, it is commonly held that everyone has power animals: animal spirits which reside with each individual adding to their power and protecting them. A power animal is an aspect of self that is represented by an animal. The aspects of that animal apsect can be empowered and encouraged such that it assists you in your life. According to shamanic understanding, we each have a number of power animals, for they are patterns of natural abilities and potentials that are inherent within us.

In shamanic practice it is believed that part of the soul is free to leave the body.  This free soul is believed to leave the body regularly during dreaming. 

The journey occurs by shifting awareness or consciousness in order to allow part of your soul to leave the body.  The drum or rattle is frequently used.  The slow repetitive rhythm shifts the individuals "rhythm" so that he or she can journey.  Just the way a soothing song can help somone achieve a calmer state.  The rhythm of the drum puts you in the right state to journey. 

Journeying is like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth.  It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through psychological issues. 

All ages, all shapes and sizes. Good wholesome fun. Free Smoki Tyger album. Snacks.

So let me know if you re interested! The more people involved the greater mojo charge for the cirlce. You should bring a yoga mat or a blanket, some loose fitting clothes, and maybe a small personal object to add to the alter.

After this Im headed to the mountains and wont be back until folk fest.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Eyed Girl

Here is a link to a trailer from a documentary made about hurricane Katrina and two communities it devastated in Mississippi: Bay St. Louis, and Waveland. Both are about halfway between New Orleans and Biloxi, MS. My aunt and uncle live in Bay St. Louis (with their two daughters, who were away at the time) and lived through the hurricane in their sailboat which they had brought into their yard - they took everything they could into the boat and floated it out as their house was pretty much destroyed. Waveland was even harder hit. Thanks to my cousin Willow for blogging about it...

Witness To A Beheading

I have wondered, since, but I do not know
Why God would not take the stand;
If he listened to Him, and He is good,
Who was uttering that lunatic command?
But then, who am I to say that he is crazy?
He comes from China; why doesn’t he
Follow Confucious, or perhaps contemplate Zen;
Why obey a voice that might have spoken in riddles;
The conclusions are beyond the reach of mere men.

The mind is constantly chattering; this is illusion;
You must perceive the empty space if you would find reality;
Attune to the quiet, that underlies confusion;
We are all interdependent; there is no neutrality.
We need to trust each other;
Does anyone want to live completely alone?
That knife is sharp enough to sever bone, but
Cut off someone else’s head?
You may as well cut off your own.

Remember Madame De Farge, knitting in the front row?
She is, now, sitting behind the driver, muttering,
Her silent weapons hidden in her bag, running
Her finger along the perfect acuity of the blade,
As if this were not our descent into chaos;
But believe me, she is the one who would know.

And the rest of us, all sitting here,
Deliberately unaware, that we have nothing more to fear;
His labors are complete. It required quite a bit more effort
Than just rising up out of a plush, velour seat.
Remove a head? The décor colours are innocuous;
They had, unfortunately, been shampooed
Recently, and the fabric does not match this red.

Of course, we offered thanks to the swat team;
We all admired their restraint; but then,
They didn’t have the benefit of his certainty.
On what prize could they fix their eyes?
So they hung on the words of that possible sinner,
But couldn’t hold on to hope, no matter how faint.
And now, with the troubled sun fading in the west,
They remove their unnecessary body armour,
And take him, whimpering, out our hands;
We, who now know what could never have been,
Had he not blown in with the drifting sands;
Then they gave us into the qualified care
Of those who could not erase what we had seen.
There was no point in closing our eyes;
Or laying down our heads; or of trying to get some rest;
We had left our places of comfort, pulling
Ahead of our baggage, arriving at, simply, nowhere.

Yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
Why must we fear such an impersonal evil?
Thou preparest a table in the presence of an unimaginable enemy;
Thy rod and thy staff do not comfort us;
Our Father, who art, or who ought to be in Heaven,
Far, far away from this pennance on earth;
Where the soul you might restore refuses to mend;
Why shall goodness and mercy follow us?
Why do you make us lie down where there are no green pastures?
Where we never know when our road will end.
How can we forgive those who trespass against us,
When we cannot divine what forgiveness is worth.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jacques Cartier Bridge, the final chapter

So, I have officially moved up the hill a bit and out of the Gay Village.

One bleary-eyed morning, two days before the move, getting up to get a drink of water at 6 a.m., i saw this sunrise, and just had to take a few pics-- these are the last in my JQ bridge series, which in the end covered 13 and a half months and has about 2,500 pics.

If that no-good fellow known as Irish ever sobers up and gets out of jail (hi buddy, i miss you, the kitchen at Saloon has been like a morgue) we might just turn 'em into a video of some sort.

Art criticism found on Craigslist. Click here.

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Leprechaun King

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New Age Christians revere Patrick as a virtual patron saint. Patrick co-opted Druid symbols in order to undermine the rival religion, fusing nature and magic with Christian practice. The Irish placed a sun at the center of their cross. "St. Patrick's Breastplate," Patrick's famous prayer (which he certainly did not write) invokes the power of the sun, moon, rocks, and wind, as well as God. (This is what is called "Erin go hoo-ha.")

Patrick recounts that he had a vision a few years after returning home:

I saw a man coming, as it were from Ireland. His name was Victoricus, and he carried many letters, and he gave me one of them. I read the heading: "The Voice of the Irish". As I began the letter, I imagined in that moment that I heard the voice of those very people who were near the wood of Foclut, which is beside the western sea—and they cried out, as with one voice: "We appeal to you, holy servant boy, to come and walk among us.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is it stereotypical for police to be violent at a "Police Brutality Protest"?

Photo: Sean De Coste

An innocent young man makes his way to check out the "Anti Police Brutality" demonstration today, March 15th @ the Mt.Royal metro station. They approached him and demanded he take his knapsack off to reveal the contents. Whether he looked suspicious or not they don't have the right to force him into the corner and make him submit to the ground using their clubs and knees only to find a sweater.

People standing around obviously were trying to defend the guy but what can you do? I was trying to film but my hands were shaking so much. It's was almost like you know EXACTLY how it unfolds. It did not get violent but quite possibly could have. I mean, there were many bystanders and we all probably had that same urge to jump in and pull the cops off the guy cause he is obviously not doing anything but screaming: "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" and, "I WAS JUST WALKING DOWN THE STREET, YOU CAN'T LEGALLY JUST SEARCH MY BAG!". While the cops had one thing in mind: Get in that bag, and do whatever it takes to get their way.
The problem with jumping in is that, it can quite possible develop into a messy, bloody, scuffle.
You might see yourself as a innocent bystander just trying to help a poor guy out when really, you are as dangerous as that guy with the sweater/weapons of mass destruction in his bag. And once you jump between the cops and their dinner, you become a target.
To get to my point. this sucks and I will be posting videos of the whole ordeal within thenext couple of days.....

Happy Anti Police Brutality Day

The Most Atrocious (Defense) Video Of All Time

Yes, that appears to be a SPIKE ER ground-to-ground anti-tank missile in the foreground -- the star of the show obviously. You might remember SPIKE from his/her previous roles in "The Second Intifada", "2006 Lebanon War" or "2008-2009 Israel-Gaza Conflict".

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

RIP Jim Baillie

On a sad note, I just found out from Bobby Starr that a good friend of his and my dad's (and others', I'm sure), namely the artist Jim Baillie, passed away this past Saturday. He was diagnosed and told of his condition only a few weeks ago, but apparently died with little pain, fortunately. I've put up photos I've taken of his work several years ago, but thought I would repost them now. I own several of his paintings (all of the ones shown here, and in my previous posts), and there are many many of them out there... he was very talented.

See also this post, this one, and this one.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Sobey Long List 2009

Organizers of the $70,000 Sobey Art Award, Canada’s pre-eminent prize for contemporary Canadian art, today announced the longlist of 25 artists selected by the Curatorial Panel.

Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky; Luanne Martineau; Keith Langergraber; Evan Lee; Julie York

Paul Butler; Marcel Dzama; Sarah Anne Johnson; Jon Pylypchuk; Althea Thauberger

Shary Boyle; Christian Giroux & Daniel Young; Luis Jacob; Kelly Richardson; Derek Sullivan

David Altmejd; Raphaëlle de Groot; Manon De Pauw; Pascal Grandmaison; Adad Hannah

Alexandra Flood; Tara K. Wells; Ilan Sandler; Graham Patterson; Joe McKay

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Oh my goodness, pure hilarity!

How amazing that all things are and yet are not.

How true that all axioms defy themselves
into infinite and banality

so thus: wordlessness = high value

Ill give you 5 bucks if you can show me the face of God.
make that 20

Im not trying to be special by saying funny things, all that I meant by this was:




the organization which I work for (alfa) is currently taking lifelong recruits in order to further our cause. 25 $

Chapter the First: In which our Hero, Flat Stanley, visits Montreal

The nice thing about being a dude who's totally flat is that instead of buying a pricey plane ticket, you just get someone to mail you to wherever you want to visit.

That's how a purple-faced chap named Flat Stanley, who normally lives in St. François-Xavier, MB, ended up chez wolfboy for a week, to see the sights and hear the sounds of Montreal. To sample the wine, the culture, the beer, and the women.

To see how people live in other parts of the world. To hear the strange dialect and observe the exotic but not uncivilized customs of the east (though admittedly they may seem uncivilized to those of us raised in christendom), and to learn a bit of Franglais, Canada's fifth offical language (Inuk, Cree, French, and English being the others).

Chapter the Second, In Which our Hero, Flat Stanley, encounters Trixie the Orange, and the wise and pleasant discourse which then ensued

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Violence vs Non-violence

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Do I have too much time on my hands?
Someone was asking about the Gita.

I dont think that the Gita or my interpretation of the Gita promotes violence. But I think that its saying that - to everything there is a season.- This is a part of the ongoing discussion. In particular the defence of Che and the Revolution.

Dismissing heroes who have used violence just because they have used violence dismisses a heck of a lot of heroes!

Gita refers to the war as Dharma Yuddha, meaning just war.

Commonly referred to as The Gita, it is a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna which takes place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, just prior to the start of climactic war. Responding to Arjuna's confusion and moral dilemma, Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties and then elaborates on the Yogic teachings, with examples and analogies. During the discourse, Krishna reveals that he is the Supreme Being Himself , and blesses Arjuna with an awe-inspiring glimpse of His divine Absolute form.

“Valour, glory, firmness, skill, generosity, steadiness in battle and ability to rule - these constitute the duty of a soldier. They flow from his own nature.”

"Think thou also of thy duty and do not waver. There is a war that opens the doors of heaven Arjuna! Happy warriors whose fate is to fight such a war. But to forgo this fight for righteousness is to forgo thy duty and honour:is to fall into transgression."

"If any man thinks he slays and if any man thinks he is slain, neither knows the ways of truth. The Eternal in man cannot kill: the Eternal in man cannot die"

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spring Journeying Workshop

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Ill be passing through Pegtropolis at the end of this month with a new disc called:

Xlent Nu Styl

Ive got an interesting concept for how I will release this disc.

I would like to use my new Yoga training combined with my knowledge of shamanic journeying to run a workshop.

Im talking with Cyrus Smith about maybe using his space.

Format would be thus:

We gather and form a circle.
1. About an hour of yoga to get ourselves warmed up and bonded.
2. a guided drumming meditation where we will journey to the underworld astral realm where we shall encounter and bond with our power animals.
3. Art time where we bring our visions into the material realm through art.
4. We share our expereinces and eat some snacks!

The whole thing will last about two hours and Ill charge 25 dollars. this will cover rental of the space, cost of dainties, art supplies and of course a copy of the nu Smoketygr album.

Depending on interest I could run one on saturday and one on sunday.

what do you think?

Pome for a person with HIV, Mar '09

i wanted to
write the song that would
scar your heart about
sad afternoons and
bus trips through the rain
or the way
you might try for something and never
get it or tell you
something you could believe in
and instead all
i had was this sad gathering of
words to try to tell you about how
life is random and so
ugly too and that
you should come over later for
beer and we'll talk about the
weather or imagine what's
going to happen when it gets worse
for you or the
world finally collapses and
i'll ask if you
want more and you'll say: always, buddy,
that's why i'm here.

Pome for a heartbroken Montrealaise, March '08

if only it (fate,
i guess) hadn't pulled us a
part on a wintry
morning street with your
six friends and perfect
make up i just
needed to tell you about
the things you knew you
understood but didn't want to
tell me you
didn't know me how
could you you had nothing to
say you had nothing to do
with it but to
get on board i was
quiet in the shadow of the
Christ-like sunrise
of the yellow tile
mosiac at Place St. Henri

it wasn't the right moment yet you were
moving in the heat of it the
slow arrival at rosemount of the
orange line metro it was
the kind of
morning after the
kind of night where i had
smoked cigarettes and felt
half pie
eyed and i
wanted to tell you this it
wasn't romantic it was
stupid and awkward and
i envied the boyfriend of the
stranger in the red
coat with her beautiful
way of moving away like the
way you have of
away forever just to
spite us all like a
star that
disappears before you can
wish on it and i
wish you'd gone away long
ago but maybe you do too
comme une etoile
filante and my
tired eyes
missed you before we got to
champs de mars and the
sky grew light and the
sun fought through to
dit que
lis mais t'
belle quand

sincerement, un etranger,
orange line metro, 06h18.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Man of Steel

Man of Steel, originally uploaded by babajiwotan.

Oh no. CaptainGoldstar again.

People, let us return a bit to the forfront of what is happening right now.

Can you see yourself at you computer typing and reading what Ive written? this type of inquiry is what they call metaphysical. that which deals with the fundamental questions of knowing, doing, perceiving.

I have the jesters curse of unabling to exit from this type of perceiving.

I tell you. In some ways my disability is a blessing in that it disables me from the mainstream propoganda machine. When brittany comes on I simply cannot see her. She is invisible to me. Yet many proclaim that the Jonas Brothers are Gods.

How can they be such when as far as I know: I am god!

Hm. This brings me to a difficult issue which pertains especially to this blog. Perhaps we have broached this topic before:

I find more and more that my obsessive production of art and music is some kind of ejaculation of my essence. its like this: LOOK AT ME! IM AN ARTIST!!!

But wait a second. In this incarnation, arent I trying to destroy my ego in order to acheive liberation?

I dont know what Im saying. Let me return to where I started:
What are we doing here looking at these screens and ejaculating our egoes into this virtual space? Why? Is this the path of the bhuda?

This is where Im having trouble. Im trying to become enlightened along the lign of all these other wise dudes like jesus, che, muhamed, b marley, burton, bruce lee, etc. Yet this weird shite with the internet and all this is completely beyond any precedent that these bhodisatvas left.

Am I worshipping the devil (myself)? or am I worshipping god (myself)?

Is there an alternative?


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flag Design Attempt #1

Here's one quick try at a new flag design. Given the harsh winters we are prone to the snowflakes were an obvious choice. The suns represent the open sky and also our immigrant population (notice that it's the same sun used on the Filipino flag). The bison represents the aboriginal population and our heritage. The yellow is for wheat (and canola). The blue is for water. The white is for the European folk (maybe).

Kaiser Zephyr Chief

This is my amazing creature of a pet.
Beats any focking cock in tha world.
Plus, he doesn't complain.