Monday, March 02, 2009

Man of Steel

Man of Steel, originally uploaded by babajiwotan.

Oh no. CaptainGoldstar again.

People, let us return a bit to the forfront of what is happening right now.

Can you see yourself at you computer typing and reading what Ive written? this type of inquiry is what they call metaphysical. that which deals with the fundamental questions of knowing, doing, perceiving.

I have the jesters curse of unabling to exit from this type of perceiving.

I tell you. In some ways my disability is a blessing in that it disables me from the mainstream propoganda machine. When brittany comes on I simply cannot see her. She is invisible to me. Yet many proclaim that the Jonas Brothers are Gods.

How can they be such when as far as I know: I am god!

Hm. This brings me to a difficult issue which pertains especially to this blog. Perhaps we have broached this topic before:

I find more and more that my obsessive production of art and music is some kind of ejaculation of my essence. its like this: LOOK AT ME! IM AN ARTIST!!!

But wait a second. In this incarnation, arent I trying to destroy my ego in order to acheive liberation?

I dont know what Im saying. Let me return to where I started:
What are we doing here looking at these screens and ejaculating our egoes into this virtual space? Why? Is this the path of the bhuda?

This is where Im having trouble. Im trying to become enlightened along the lign of all these other wise dudes like jesus, che, muhamed, b marley, burton, bruce lee, etc. Yet this weird shite with the internet and all this is completely beyond any precedent that these bhodisatvas left.

Am I worshipping the devil (myself)? or am I worshipping god (myself)?

Is there an alternative?


cara said...

interesting questions.

truly, what are we doing in front of our screens?

I wish the propaganda machine were invisible to me, a true gift there tigre.

jc said...

we sit in fron to our screens as part of a group consciousness, like television before, and radio before and fire before. Ohm....Ohm.....Ohm. I new lives are a virtual reality, ohms, ohms, ohms....

c-human said...

Rage the living faith, that is my only advice.

scribe said...

here's my advice: become as grounded, earthed, and centered as possible, without self-medication of any kind. sustain that state for a long, long time. then you'll have the opportunity to answer these esoteric questions for yourself. every answer you establish in an ungrounded state will likely be illusionary.

i don't think you have to be enlightened to be a brilliant artist. you're already a brilliant artist Andrew. and i would guess that you're at least as enlightened as che, bruce lee, or bob marley ever were. and probably already way more enlightened than burton.

tygre said...

You people are so kind a freindly. It makes me wonder sometimes how you put up with my narsicism!

Anonymous said...

Look at my pictures, look at my art. Look at me, look at me. I said, "LOOK!"

Listen to what I have to say, listen to my words, ecoute!

Yes, it's all too much sometimes. Couldn't all of our time be better spent....

scribe said...

i'm not saying anybody's a narcissist but check out what Caroline Myss says about narcissism, it's interesting. (sure she's not right about everything but whatever.) in her book Anatomy of the Spirit she writes that there are four stages of personal power: revolution, involution, narcissism, evolution.

"Although it has a bad rap, narcissism is sometimes an extremely necessary energy for us as we work to develop a strong sense of self. Giving ourselves a new image - a new hairstyle, new clothes, perhaps even a new body shape from personal training - indicates that changes are also occurring within us. While we are in this vulnerable stage, we may get major critical reactions from our tribal or group associates, but narcissistic energy gives us the backbone to re-create ourselves and our boundaries in the face of opposition. The changes in this stage prepare us for the more significant internal changes to follow."