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I consumed another new drug called a DMT. The cherub with it's flaming sword left it's gaurd at the tree of life and all of creation was conusmed and appeared infinite and holy. This substance seemed to put me in touch with a realm that is apparently inhabited by disincarnate entities of an intelligent nature.

The 'place' where this exchange takes place is difficult to explain. I would say that is involves a revolutionary re-understanding of reality. Like when a fish climbs out of the water.

Here's an interesting related article:

Machine Elves (also known as fractal elves and self transforming machine elves) is a term coined by the writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the entities that he claims one becomes aware of after having taken tryptamine based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT. According to McKenna, their constant dance creates the reality as we perceive it. By following their dance, one can stay in contact with the Logos, a subconscious world of spiritual and other information. A close similarity is the Hindu Dance of Shiva.

Many people and experience reports have claimed to have encountered such entities, and have described them as abstract beings existing in the universe created from human and animal mental space. The term "DMT Space" has also been used.

There are numerous references of such encounters that could be found in many cultures ranging from shamanic traditions of Native Americans to Indigenous Australians, to African tribes, to the modern day "Urban Shamanism" like Santeria and Vodoun and the "new breed." This is something that Timothy Leary used to describe the rising generation of urban shamans, who would, he claimed, augment the spiritual awareness of the modern world.

This concept may be related to a tendency for the brain to imagine living entities during certain altered states. The best example of this is the extremely common feeling of a living presence during sleep paralysis (which has been theorized as the origin of the succubus, as well as a common theme in many alien abduction stories). Another example would be the widespread experience of a "Salvia Goddess" encountered by users of Salvia Divinorum. However, Terence McKenna and Rick Strassman have both asserted the sense of reality of the experience is distinct from ordinary hallucinatory experiences, leading both researchers to speculate that perhaps the physics of many worlds is involved.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Anybody want a sweet little cat?

My friend who feeds, adopts, and socializes "street" cats (and takes them to the vet to get all shots and de-sexings) has recently done it again, with a wonderful little grey fellow she calls Hunter.

He's friendly, very affectionate with people, and looking for a good home. Know anyone?

Also, being grey, he's very easy to match with your furniture.

Flat Daddies

Taken from an article by Katie Zezima, published in the New York Times Sept. 29, 2006 (no, I'm not making this up):

... “Where’s Flat Daddy?” an excited Baylee asked as her stepmother, Jennifer Smith, pulled a large cardboard picture of Sergeant Smith, in his uniform, out of her Chevy Blazer and propped him on the bumper. The two, along with Ms. Smith’s young sons, Alec and Derek, posed for a picture with their Flat Daddy, who promptly fell down.

... “It’s nice to see him each day, just to remember that he’s still with us,” Ms. Austin said. “It’s one of the best things I’ve done during this deployment. I really think it’s helped us stay connected, to remember that he’s still with us.”

... Her flat husband spends most of his time in their bedroom closet, but she will occasionally take him out to show to friends or to look at herself.

“He went away so recently after we got married that sometimes I look at it and say, ‘Oh, I’m married, and he’s real and he’s gorgeous,”’ Ms. Williams said.

...“At first, it can take you aback, but it never did for me,” Ms. Campbell said. “I just felt like her presence is here. The Flat Soldier does provide comfort, and we’ll take it any way we can.”

Iraq War Deaths

this is from as i've said before, they're probably THE most comphrehensive and balanced source of news anywhere in the English-language world.

Iraq Body Count: War dead figures
The number of civilians reported to have been killed during the Iraq war and subsequent military presence is being recorded by the campaign group Iraq Body Count.

On 15 September 2006 it put the total number of civilian dead at 40,775 to 45,559 and the number of police dead at 2,437.

The issue of counting the number of Iraqis killed since the US-led invasion is highly controversial and the figure is disputed.

The US and UK military authorities do not record the number of civilians killed by their forces. The security situation and administrative chaos also make counting extremely difficult.

Iraq Body Count figures by province
Figures shown include the period up to 15 September 2006
Figures are an average of the IBC minimum and maximum deaths Figures for coalition troops from Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Iraq Body Count uses a survey of online news reports to produce its running tally, including a "minimum" and "maximum" figure where reports differ, or it is unclear whether a person killed was a civilian.

The figures include not only deaths caused by military action, but also those it considers a "direct result" of Iraq's breakdown in law and order.

In a statement on its website, Iraq Body Count says "civilian casualties are the most unacceptable consequence of all wars" and must be recorded and - if possible - investigated.

Because it relies on deaths reported by the media, it suggests its figures are an underestimate as "many if not most civilian casualties will go unreported".

On 12 December, US President George W Bush said about 30,000 Iraqis had been killed since the war began.

His spokesman later said the figure was not an official one and was based on "public estimates cited by media reports" - a method similar to that used by Iraq Body Count.

Nevertheless, Iraq Body Count's methods and its ability to compile accurate statistics have been questioned by critics, with some arguing that it has greatly underestimated the number of casualties.

One study, published by the Lancet medical journal in October 2004, suggested that poor planning, air strikes by coalition forces and a "climate of violence" had led to more than 100,000 extra deaths in Iraq.

The US and UK governments have both said the chaotic situation in Iraq makes it impossible to gather such information accurately.


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In my continuing voyage of discovery I visited the Pentagon in order to obtain information about the bombings of 9-11 and the biblical apocalypse. Microcosm-macrocosm metaphysically unravelling the whereabouts of my inner Godking and his motivations for the future.

Put your dukes up!

where has everybody gone...

The IndoEuropean Language Family

Thursday, September 28, 2006


tounge tastes metallic
while I
surveying headstones
fashioned in photo
back pocketscrap
paged on books
meant to be left blank
wandering the freshest bones
push out refuse
watered earth insipid
horizons westward
coded creamed tinged
and pinking
from drops confessed
on dry moving lips
"Uh oh, here come the red-necks"
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Letter from my mom...
Hi David,
I am so upset. I went to a Charleswood meeting last night where a group of about 20 residents want to kill(cull/harvest) the deer here. I was quite appalled and spoke up. I was then called a bunny hugger and a tree hugger. There were only three of us bunny huggers at the meeting. I have contacted the wildlife federation but no reply yet. Why are people so selfish, they're worried about their gardens. Don't know if I can stop this but will sure give it a try.
They believe the deer are overpopulated but I disagree.Will have to find some evidence now.
I know I shouldn't take on these things that stress me out, but if we all felt that way no one would ever speak up.
Hope all is well with you.
deer hugger
A friend of mine said Well, I'd rather be a tree hugger than a bitch.

LL for Denis

Click through for the video

White House

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Here's the house. I realized that I was in the heart of New Rome. The highly militerized epicentre of the New World Order. I roamed high and shirtless like a barbarian spy.


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Here we are laying down in the Hart building where the congress people are.


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~ Primate Urge ~

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Professional Development Day

Yesterday I attended a conference on Professional Development. Lorne Roberts was on the panel for “diversifying your skills” where he said “your uniqueness is you skill so make a list of everything that makes up you” It's a quote worth writing down

This is a drawing of the opening lecture.

Hello Kitty Wars

This is just to show all those naysayers (you know who you are) that there is a direct link between Hello Kitty and Lisa Loeb, and that I am not just trying to stick it in her (I mean her in) everwhere.

Can You Help ?

I am doing a project with art and Winnipeg. Can anyone suggest a site that talks about the history of art in Winnipeg, or offer good tidbits of info?

Did you know the WAG was the first gallery in Canada, meant to civilize the unruly inhabitants of our beloved Peg-town?
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Return of the Planet of the Apes: Is, Be and Beyond
In ths long awaited sequel to the 70's classic, Dr. Moanez and Dr. Zayis
attempt to colonize the enitre planet, both in spirit and mind.
warning: episode may contain moments of the real and the unreal. no monkeys were harmed in the making of this film.

Eyland Lecture @ 1C03

Cliff chats it up with students at gallery 1c03

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

New York

new york
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I celebrated the Hebrew New Year last night with unprecedented style. I had the good fortune of being able to attend the anniversary party at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. I find it difficult to encapsulate in words the high level of consiousness and culture that I expereinced there through all night music dancing and art.

The gallery is located in the heart of the Manhattan club scene. I was incredibly blessed to have a buddy who's a high class flower decorator. He puts on these flower arrangements for all these famous people and events. He has access to all the biggest clubs in the area and he took me around on a tour!

I felt like pinnochio when he goes aboard that pleasure ship where all the boys are eating candy and smoking cigars and they all get turned into donkeys.

This one bar consisted of giant hall after giant hall with endless balconies, girls dressed as dolls dancing on platforms, countless vip lounges leading into supervip lounges all of which we had access to! Every chamber was seperated from each other by these sound proof passages.

These are the places where the upper elite get sloshed.

Words cannot express the scenes of debauchery and style I witnessed here in the very heart of darkness.

Whoa and I got free rum and I haven't drank rum for a couple of months and holy krikey i drank it like a fish who's been flopping around, gasping on the dry land for much too long.

Outside on the street the police presence was massive! They had these huge spotlights to illuminate the street like daylight. There was a small militia of mounted horsemen.

Tommorrow I head for the Nation's Capitol to visit the sites and demonstrate for peace.


this is from an article by Megan Vun Wong in Carnet Magazine-- the official magazine of Carfac Manitoba (Cdn Artists Rep.). The article, "Give a Shirt About Art" is about the organization's annual fundraiser.

"The evening went sailing by with a variety of fine entertainment that the audience simply loved... All this was topped off by the dynamic jazz stylings of Andrew and Lorne (members of the band GOD KINGS). It was truly a splendid evening."

Perhaps she meant auspicious rather than splendid, but nevertheless...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cliff Eyland @ Gallery 1C03

The Prince of Tartupaluk

Ottawa man declares himself the Prince of an island claimed by both Denmark and Canada. According to the Prince, this implies that the jurisdiction is yet captured under any international law. He flew to Denmark, chartered a boat, and claimed it!

Cliff Notes

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Awaken Lost Soul

A melancholy calm
in this tempestuous season
you are buried in regret
and mourn without a reason

Not the sting of a wasp
nor the maunder of fleeing geese
can waken you from your stupor
and help you seek release

Branches heave and sigh
outside your brown-box room
a chorus of winds sings your name
but all you hear is doom

What blinds you to brilliant colour
how come you cannot see
the sparkle of an early frost
and fireworks in the trees

Why do you sleep unknowing
as castles fill the sky
all is alive and breathing
and yet you long to die
Rear View

Fall Love

Fall love
autumn me
feel like
air burns cheek
of memory blush
of last

the trees
huddled naked together
all alone
remind me
I want to

my arms
with their leaves
falling tears
wind whimsy
raking up the mess
wind whistling
around them

Thursday, September 21, 2006

And love.

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Let's unite religions.


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Two can play at that game...

Doublez le Monde
Burning Guitar 2

Burning Guitar

the Winner

Curtains, by Dil Hilderbrand, Montreal

check 'em all out at

Roots of Oppression

This is a website I highly recommend. It is a photo documentary look at oppression, slavery and racism in the United States, historically and during the 3 decades it spans. Danish author/photographer Jacob Holdt has travelled throughout the U.S. (and also other parts of the world - see his entire site), and documented it all on film, but also and just as importantly, brings a deep understanding of the human side of every story. Fascinating, and truly one of the best sites I have ever seen on the internet.

Draw The Pirate

If you've never seen the short film Draw The Pirate, it's worth checking out.  It answers the burning question, "Are You An Artist".

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It moves in colour

It is all just so surprising

Lorne Continues

Vancouver Art Gallery VAG

RBC Painting competition

These four images are from the Royal Bank of Canada RBC Painting Competition, on their website. Four of the 16 national finalsts.

They are--- Melanie Rocan, Winnipeg, "Small Town"; Kim Dorland, Toronto, "Fist Fight 6"; Nicholas Grenier, Montreal, "Rosemary"; Johnathan Johnston, Halifax, "Bridge Into Town 1"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006