Sunday, April 30, 2006


rough concept

this was my first attempt at a humour article illustration for winnipeg men magazine's spring issue. even though it's a rough (which normally i would not show), i thought it would be fun to share with everyone! rough concepts are killer sometimes and i had fun with this one. weee!!!....


Saidman @ Sal's

You did not tell me

it raced to an older world with a key that it used for breathing:
remember the truth, before the fleshy words, to only the talking
that's the name, you creatures, too many are not known


It's 3:23 ways to turn the soul into science
3:23AM the wonderful tail of the giant green giant

Outlining the fervent; soon, soon you will go out
and shed all its answers, all of its woes, from the
empty horrors of living, no one will know

We will all live in a palace, we will live in a palace

It's 3:23 ways to turn the soul into science
3:23AM the wonderful tail of the giant green giant

God, king, or god-kings?

Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
1. It is here now that I realise I will have to go in search of the realm of the immortals.

2. The class chose to explore the topic of God Kings. (Definition of a Divine King.) Collaboratively, this is a study of cultural change from an anthropological perspective. The exploration begins with a look at the role of a shaman in society. The shaman serves as someone who can help society cope with the mysteries of the world.

3. Every king of the Khmer had to build a temple. This was part of being a GodKing.

4. The founders of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms all claimed descent from Woden61/56, a semi-mythical god-king, who lived in the second or third century ad.

6. godkings (churchmen, statesmen), who declared themselves alien, tought humans to accept their magic, science developed the words and numbers to make humans understand this magic.

7.Godkings become all the rage somewhere in history. These athoritarian cultures live and are maintained by religious convictions, keeping people hopefull of their next lives. The goal is to appease the gods as it were while trying to maintain peace among the people.

Artist's Statement

Originally uploaded by babajiwotan.
Magic is fascinating. By ‘magic’ I don’t only mean the art of stage magicians who pull rabbits out of hats and tricks of illusion but also the metaphysical principle of being able to cause change to occur in conformity to will according to the acclaimed occultist Alesteir Crowley’s definition. Can there be anything more exciting than the possibility of controlling the world around us through our thoughts alone?

While studying the Fine Arts and Art History I discovered that many prominent modern artists, as well as many so-called primitive artists have held the same interest in the study of occult, esoteric and metaphysical phenomenon. I observed that the details of what exactly occult knowledge means is often omitted or glossed over in most art history books.

I wanted to know more so I kept searching and came across a small collection of books that describe the teachings of modern day occult clubs or lodges. At the same time I found two relatively recent books by Canadian art historians that were tackling the issue of the metaphysical and occult in modern art: The Logic of Ecstasy by Ann Davis (1992) and Surrealism and the Sacred by Ann Rabinovitch (2002).

The longer I simultaneously learned about the history of fine art and the history of metaphysics and the occult the more I observed similarities between the modern day artist and the modern day occultist. They both gather together in tight cliques on auspicious occasions, they both perform strange rituals that sometimes seem bizarre to the uninitiated, and they both create weird and wonderful objects and drawings.

My goal is to make a holistic analysis of the connection between art and philosophy. Specifically, how have modern and so-called primitive artists been influenced by metaphysical and occult philosophies? Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principle of things, including such concepts as being, knowing, substance, essence, cause, identity, time, and space. These same principles have been of great interest to many artists throughout history who have tried to express their ideas through the creative process. There are many schools of thought that can be considered branches or offshoots of metaphysics: magic and the occult, mysticism, shamanism, eastern philosophies, and alchemy.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Art Resistance anniversary?

...and it burns, burns, burns

label, night, beer # 1 (jenni, and ren's ghost)

label, night, beer, #2

music show

the ladybugs twelve, as performed by "ethan and the debra lyns".

music show #2

big dave on guitar and vox, josco on bass, debra lynn on guitar, gord on hard, k-mac rockin' the drums.

prairie sky by god(dess).

photo by wolfboy.

Auto Biographical Art?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bathtime Poem by Shawna Plischke

lub a dub dub two men in a tub

one is little and the other is large

the little man’s bum must float on a barge

the big man starts when a gurgle is heard

from the little man’s bum float yellow curds!


Urban Pointer

Spring Burst

good old fruity humour

i think this banana sketch was created
close to the end of 2004. i don't believe
that it was up on that wall you see there
(march 16th, 2004)? memories. :) ahhh...

by the way james... i'm on book #24. looks like i may stop once i complete #25? hard to say. each book takes me approx 3-4 months to fill up completely give or take some torn out pages and things i've scribbled elsewhere and then later cut and pasted into it like a scrap book. i started book #24 back on janurary 9th, 2006. it was goin so-so, kinda running out of motivation to fill it with anything worth while like i used to. i guess i was feeling the winds of change and the sketch book gave me nothing. it wasn't calling to me the way it used to. very sad indeed. people would say "hey, greg! where's your sketchbook man?! you take it for walks like a puppy dog! it's like your dog man! hahahahaha!!!!!..." and then i would say "fuck you man! it's no dog! you're the dog man! your the dog! matter of fact, you're a "dog-man"!!! that's right, you heard me jerk head!!! DOG-MAN!!!". so i'm in the middle of book #24 and i've torn out at least a half dozen sheets already. since my lay-off from palliser on march 2nd 2006 i just kinda stopped caring. i feel museless... is that a word? :p ...oh well. *sigh*...

Thursday, April 27, 2006


development and evaluation is a vogue imperative
among the clothes of emperor and the death of reason
focused intuition must wrap 'round the depths of our season
and then, truly then, will we understand change and sincerity

keep it RIEL

911 Loose Change 2nd Edition *with extra footage

i know that this has nothing to do with art or alfa,
but i felt a strong need to share this with those
who haven't seen it already. if you feel the need
to delete it, go ahead... but i really think it should
stay up. that's all from me... thanks. go
911 Loose Change 2nd Edition *with extra footage
Phil Jayhan and Korey Rowe (1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Feb 5, 2005)

this is a doc film from just over a year ago. i'm surprised

that i hadn't seen it until i stumbled upon it the other day
posted on someone's myspace profile.

if you've already seen it, pass it on to those who haven't.
if you haven't already viewed this video, put some time
aside and watch it, please.

911 Loose Change 2nd Edition *with extra footage"loose change"

official site...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

further "wolf boy" files

this is a review of "l'enfant sauvage", a film by francois truffaut. (truffaut is the french filmaker who made, among others, the 400 blows, often said to be the "greatest movie ever").

this review appears on

if you have hours to waste (or even minutes), check out this site. it's thorough, interesting, and just plain cool.

"François Truffaut's fascinating 1969 film L'enfant sauvage (The Wild Child), based on a real-life, 18th-century behavioral scientist's efforts to turn a feral boy into a civilized specimen, is an ingenious and poignant experience. In a piece of resonant casting that immediately turns this story into an echo of the creative process, Truffaut himself plays Dr. Itard, a specialist in the teaching of the deaf.

Itard takes in a young lad (Jean-Pierre Cargol) found to have been living like an animal in the woods all his life. In the spirit of social experiment, Itard uses rewards and punishments to retool the boy's very existence into something that will impress the world.

Beautifully photographed in black and white and making evocative use of such charmingly antiquated filmmaking methods as the iris shot, The Wild Child has a semidocumentary form that barely veils Truffaut's confessional slant. What does it mean to turn the raw material of life into a monument to one's own experience and bias? The question has all sorts of intriguing reverberations when one considers that Truffaut's own wild childhood was rescued by love of the cinema and that a degree of verisimilitude factors into his films starring Jean-Pierre Leaud--the troubled lad who grew up in Truffaut's work from The 400 Blows onward. (The Wild Child is dedicated to Leaud.)" --Tom Keogh

Prairie of the Dead

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Thus he awoke of the walking prairie
and the land that never dies
for in his intuition gave length
the generous and feeling
none will never never, never ever

There, on the horizon like
mantle generous and feeling
awoke the intuitional sweet
long the length of walking
in between the grasses ever
never will they always be, always this

Never ever, never never;
they felt good brushing on the inside of his hands

Darryl Tickles His Toes with his Cane at His Pad

"Just a few more dots...."

Monday, April 24, 2006

'chaise lounge' and 'the barefooted scribble man' lived happily ever after...

i thought james would dig this. brings back memories eh? well, kinda sorta. now that i'm not working there myself, it feels good to show off the odd unofficial photo of my designs. i couldn't help doodling on everything that passed by my desk. i named this after my favourite childhood soft drink; the all mighty 'ORANGE CRUSH'!!! my original felt marker rendering was coloured orange (obviously), hence the name 'crush'. yay! what a story. *sigh*... enjoy.


Sunday, April 23, 2006


let me
let me
from here
and read
her lips
no longer
but you
look up
save to
catch a glimpse
beneath her skirt

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lunar Hot Rod Girl

we`ve outstayed our welcome
so let`s

head for the sky

that lunar formation up there
will sustain our lives

this voyage of consequence
it will be alright

for the wealthy man who can

afford this ride

I hear they`ve built a city up there
and made blue skies

but you still see the stars in daylight and some

northern lights

I`m leaving the ocean
I`m leaving our skies
I`m leaving devotion
to humankind

the blues of the common man have been
left behind
but what of the diehards who will
lose their minds

fossil fueled motors
antennaes on roofs
I`ve obtained numbers still they
ask for proof

I`m leaving our oceans
I`m leaving our crimes
it`s soft evolution
of humankind

Friday, April 21, 2006

Moony Mood #1

just a vision
in a waking dream
a signal
in the night sky
so familiar

and you make it so
in the dewy slipperiness
of dawn
that in the light
she should vanish


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dr. Itard suggests....

this weird yet cool remix of SAGE FRANCIS' song "Crack Pipes"-- modified as "cracked lives" by someone who mixes a japanime movie to make a video for the song.

the makers of this have nuthin' to do w/ SAGE FRANCIS, really... just more of a tribute.

sage francis, by the way, is a stellar writer. "Extreme temperature changes and fluctuations have been known to crack pipes... crack pipes... crack pipes..."

Dr. Itard's Journal Entry-- June 12, 1986

Victor, who was named The Wild Boy of Domtar (or "Wolf Boy", as he became known in the popular imagination), was discovered in the Manitoba countryside in 1985. Domtar is in the South of Canada, and the villagers captured a boy of about 11 or 12 who had been running wild and naked, even though it was winter.

His body was marked with scars where he had fought with animals and been scratched due to his nakedness. Although the villagers tried to speak with Victor, he didn’t seem to pay attention to what was said, and so it was apparent he didn’t know any language.

At first people thought he was deaf and mute.

All he was interested in was trying to escape.

(adapted from "")

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

this drawing is a collaboration by the smokey tiger and dangerman from the opening at ALfA's "I can still draw a crowd"

new member?

kidWolf, a.k.a. wolf boy, has joined the fray of the AlfA blog. Wolf boy emerged from the fields of the domtar plant, east of winnipeg, at age 13, and has since been in the care of I, his doctor.

all attempts to "socailize" our friend wolf boy have failed, despite years of patient instruction. he remains in our secret lab, barely able to communicate beyond grunts, barks, and body language.

Forgotten Song

leo mol sculpture garden

Last night i biked to assinaboine park and drew the heads at the sculpture garden. i thought it would be a good way to learn somthing about important winnipeggers. enjoy

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


i found this site about a year ago.
it's fun to visit. some of the stuff
on here ain't that bad. it's that
old cliché "art is in the eye of
the beholder". then again,
some of this is just horrible
lol... i'm kiddin'. or
am i?!! woahahaha!!!...




I know happiness
and sadness
b/c I always
win I know
from nothing
and back again
b/c I'm lucky
I know nothing
of something
my known

Desiring Happiness

"I have been given a unique role to play on this earth:
given to me by a life filled with sickness, ill-starred
circumstances and my profession as an artist. It is a life that
contains nothing that resembles happiness, and moreover does
not even desire happiness."

Edvard Munch

Lost Episodes of Ren and Stimpy - sneak previews

i have john k's blog as the first link on my blog
if you need to find it again real quick like!!



Monday, April 17, 2006


Hoping in the place
of cool breeze
desire can burn
the yearning
and where it went


I imagine your hand on
my neck
daydreaming could
go either way
depending on
the day
sitting on the floor
with stomach
like some pin cushion
vodoo victim

Crowd Drawing

L'homme contraire

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