Monday, July 31, 2006

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Grade 8 grad boy and date

Wouldv`e been with honours
if it weren`t for that damn algebra.
As the holy rage built up inside his physical form grew, and grew, until Carlos the destroyer unleashed his devine vengeance on the evils of the world! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Where the dragon sleeps Posted by Picasa

the great mystery, etc.

Truly this must be heaven, Part 2

Truly This Is Heaven

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Photo by Annika Onosson

American Parties

Glyph, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Wow, last night I went to my first American party. Show up at this huge mansion really late at night, go in there and Im the weird canadian loner but am dressed spiffy in american style miami vice jeans and addidas. The guy who's party it is comes up and what'll-ya-know he just got back from a thailand trip to the same places I was. And what'll-ya-know he also loves blues driven rock and roll. So He takes me into this other room and what'll-ya-know there's the greatest music set up there Ive ever seen, 50 amps pas guitars drums some dude with a magic sampling hip-hop device, one guy scratching records. So after praising Odin a bit I plug in and fricking let-er rip & what-have-you. After I peeled everyone's face off with some McFaren's don't worry be happy with heavily distortion and screaming rasp voice I preceded to go into the standard never-ending song of classic hits from the Montreal Subway Classics. Overall pretty good show especially for being stone-fricking-sobre. The only thing I regret is not quitting while Im ahead. And let this be a lesson to us all: when face peeling before a virgin crowd, after popping the cherry- QUIT. Just put down the weapon and back away from the car. Make them ask you to play again and then refuse humbly bashfully saying that everyone should get a chance. This is the way of the peacefull warrior.

(instead I got a little overzealous and just kept rocking the house until everyone left)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Calgary Folkfest 2006

here's some pics i took.
macy gray last night, the show was unreal.
those backup singers were like cartoon characters, and soo talented too.
and, well, the guitars were staring at me for a good while backstage this afternoon.

There are thousands and thousands of Red Hat Ladies all over the world.
phenomenon was started in the States in 1997 when a red hat and a copy
the poem "Warning" was presented to a friend who was celebrating her
birthday and all the friends wanted one. The ladies donned their red
and purple dresses to go out to tea together and the Red Hat Society

Self-Portrait In Grass

Art Lessons, Dauphin MB

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bear Armour
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Serpent that Bites its Own Tail

Inside the circle
Prey for nothing
Shedded skin
Will begin again

With backs arching
Tip to tail
Look within
You cannot fail

Still, there IS
A single chance
Tread lightly
Fateful dance

What is real
And what is fake
The space between
or the twisting snake?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

20 pound shovel

the last ride

Nameless and for everyone

Imagine riding that pheonix while
he chants, and she realizes,
and she pants, and he is messmerized.

Imagine soaring through the heavens
While you are taunted, and she is flaunted,
While he jigs, and digs

Then darkness. Then light. Repeat.

a fly and it's shadow

I was taking a photograph of a drawing in the backyard and this fly landed on my paper.

The problem of evil

The creation was choice
and chance everlasting;
feathering the light
from a gasping darkness
as the goose was allowed
to operate and deliver
destructive doses of options
amongst hope and expression

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alex Grey

alexkiss2, originally uploaded by The Stranger.

Tonight I participated in a New Moon ritual with Alex Grey and his wife and all these other wierdos and fairies etc. Basically we all meditated for about an hour while this band played weird music and Mr. Grey said weird stuff. Then we made these art works and stuck them all together. Setting out our intentions for the next lunar cycle. All pretty gnarly stuff but I see it as only the start.

Im really impressed with this dude's work and entire philosophy. As Miss Dryhump mentioned he's got this gallery called the Hall of Ancient mirrors or something like that that sounds definately worth checking out. Although so far I've only seen the works in digital format they seem so rich in detail and meaning. Not to mention simple technical painting merit. (no airbrush here Mr. Macri, I reckon no projector either). Also worth mentioning that this dude is big time, his latest video cost in the millions and has a soundtrack by Tool. I give him an A+

overview of new concepts:

1. combining modern scientific anatomy with traditional religios iconography in order to generate an ultra-modern style

2. Group ritualized art making

3. The Permanant gallery setup. (truly like back in the old days a la cistine chapel)

Dinner Date

I`m experimenting
with colour before I do a
full scale version.
My sketch pad is filled with
an insane amount of lines.
My family is concerned.

A Walk In The Park

Conjunction and Disjunction

In one end and out
of summer's doubting
the thing in itself
springs from winter
to renewal with
three leaves that
fall never knew
from the wonder in one
end and in the other

Monday, July 24, 2006

Goodbye Marylin

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Ya so what.

(kill the guru)

Thus concludes my virtual highlight tour of the Moma gallery in New York. Upstairs was a massive Dada show and by that time I was tottally freaking out. All those Ernsts had me pulling my hair out. By the time I arrived at the Man Rays I was banging my head against the wall and then I was escorted out. Sorry no photos.

In conclusion I would have to say that it was higly auspicious seeing the Dada show at this particular time in history. Dada was primarily a direct reaction counter the insanity of war. Art is the reflected psyche of humankind, and all the dada bullshit makes me puke. It was this intense horrible reflection of the brutal chaotic twisted time. And now Im afraid that the time is come again.

I reflect on my own works and see the horror. I see the mess, the confusion of images and impatience with process. Yet I trust my ability to channel in the world around me. We're past the postmodern and into the end time.

I just saw this movie by that dude Alex Grey. He's got a space in New York called the Chapel of mirrors. He keeps all his paintings together in this space. He actually bought them back from collectors in order to assemble them together and create this special place where he holds rituals on full moons etc. After the movie he talked for like an hour on the benifits of taking acid. Calling the discovery of acid a miracle and claiming that many of the most important insights of this generation have been a result of acid. Even the conceptualization of the DNA double helix. While on acid He painted a portrait of the dude who discovered it and then got it signed by the dude on the dude's 100th birthday!

Anyways, expect these rants more often. I have a feeling my mind is going to be blown here on a daily basis. ANd no drugs or alchol allowed! (except my secret stash of Mystrica Fragranz.) whoa, all the fricking healthiest health food I can eat.


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You can tell by that weird glazed look I had on that I was kind of freaking out a bit. Nobody beleives me but it's the drugs that keep me normal.

Anyways, here's that ginormous polluck that Ive seen a kagillion times in the art books. Yup. There it is.


At the Museum of Modern Art

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I find that when in an art gallery it's usefull to spend equal time looking at the work as looking at pretty girls who are looking at the work. Somehow they compliment each other and make the experience more psychedelic. This trip though truly I could hardly keep my hat on so to speak. I was almost freaking out. My eyeballs were almost pooping out of my head as I drooled over the following famous artworks. (and their adjacent pretty girls not shown.)
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Sunday, July 23, 2006