Tuesday, April 29, 2008

About time...

HULK want out of wintery cage!!!
HULK ready for SUMMER!!!

Up close

Monday, April 28, 2008

If you, I will

another self-indulgent basement demo with moving pictures

Check Out ETC

An intergovernmental scientific committee of the London Convention on ocean dumping agreed, earlier today, at its closing plenary in Spain, to a tough consensus “statement of concern” warning that iron fertilization of ocean surfaces – as an attempt at commercial carbon sequestration – has environmental risks and lacks scientific evidence of effectiveness. The statement was triggered by news that Planktos, Inc. a for-profit enterprise with offices in San Francisco, Budapest, and Vancouver is about to dump 100 tons of iron nanoparticles over a 10,000 km² stretch of Pacific... Read More

As the UN's top climate science panel, the IPCC, prepares to criticise the idea of geoengineering, one maverick geoengineering company, Planktos Inc, has announced it is about to dump several tonnes of tiny particles into the waters around the Galapagos Islands, covering an area larger than Puerto Rico. Doing so, they claim, will re-engineer the atmosphere, win them commercial carbon credits and perhaps a shot at the $25 million prize for greenhouse gas reduction put up by Richard Branson. Mainstream scientists are sceptical and environmental and social justice groups are crying foul.

"In a sensible world geoengineering fanatics like Planktos would have their license to operate taken away,"... Read More

Ten years after Dolly the cloned sheep made her stunning debut, the J. Craig Venter Institute is applying for a patent on a new biological bombshell - the world's first-ever human-made species. The novel bacterium is made entirely with synthetic DNA in the laboratory.

The Venter Institute - named for its founder and CEO, J.... Read More


Toronto in April

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flea Market Bonanza! 2

I can't believe this is still floating around. An album my father recorded in 1974. (.50 cent$)

Flea Market Bonanza! 1

There is no year on the box, but the listed price is .15 cent$

The Japanese Have a Word for the Day After Tomorrow*

These are silicon oxide nanowires, not sunflowers.

Amelie/Saving the world

So, I'm watching the movie Amelie right now, in bits and pieces, and it's making me wonder if we can still save the world, or it's too late.

I mean, we've always believed we could, right?

I'm volunteering somewhere on Monday or Tues. I think those of you who can should, too.

We recognize certain things in the world are fundamentally broken--how do we fix them?

Sylvain Bouthillette

I can't remember if I posted stuff from this guy before.
There is something about it.
I dig it.
And with all this talk about tigers lately.
Here it is.
Maybe again.


Calling all Montrealais(e)(s)

Attn: SmkTgr, AMS, and others.

Saturday night, I'm going to a free show by a friend of mine who I suspect is a pretty good musician.

Call me for deets.

Friday, April 25, 2008


remember me on the hilltop where you lie amid the flowers
the moments shall pass and the hours will trickle on

remember the days that you have taken
from those who cared to spend them with you

remember not the anger, but too
relinquish the passion for it is not yours to keep
you must pass it on

remember to always keep true to yourself
for none other will, except by chance

remember that if you are alone that you always were
and that you never were

do not remember if in remembering you would lose your way
but do not be too sure of the forgetting,
for not even those who remember all
can see all ways always

and if you come across
a small chasm
between you and them
throw not your blame into the gulf
for it will only widen it like a load of dynamite

you must lean in, so far, so far that you might fall
and fall you may
I do not know, I do not remember
I can not remember that which has not happened
although it has happened before

you must lean in
and you may fall
and in the falling you will
be remembered.

Or Painting Away

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Mouse Traps


new, we have lots of new
new toys, new weapons
new entertainments
new communication
new foods, new medicine
new calendars, new gods
new relationships
new cultures
new music, new art
new ways to look at old things
new bodies, new heads
new eyes, new ears
new mouths to feed
new superstars
new superpowers
new religion, new morality
new cities, new buildings
new new new new new new new

what we don't have
are any new ideas

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


  wait, I'm working this out

ants are crawling in the dew
the snow is coming
  wait, I see it now

the mountain is cracking
the sun is melting
  ok, clearer

the universe is rotating
and one is still

  if a photon stands still
  can it see eternity?

    if a human listens
    who will make a sound?

      if you know the answer
      will you tell it?

Falun Gong

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Repi-vari-tition-ation (Embed Me)

expound me in the irradiessence of mornrise
and I shall be overpresent too
in your mem-x-or-y

lore me in the tallest of tomes
and I shall be forthwithforgotten
like a monstrous shadowform at high nooooon

join me at your knee
and I shall enjoin you to be near to me
like a f(l)a(i)(l)ling projectile-esque-ith-eme

for therefrom lies the hangovering principle
not to last are we
not too last are we
not two last are we

A sighting?

Rumour has it that my roomate, completely at random, made a sighting of the wily and elusive Smktgr today at her work, here in Mtl-town. And they connected (and made the connection to me) through a Manitoba t-shirt...?

Is this true, or is it just perhaps one of his emissaries, who took on his physical form for the day?

His habits are hard to predict, and the whereabouts of his lair are unknown, but if anyone sees this smktgr, tell him we should go to the art gallery tomorrow night--it's free.


Thunder Cat


After spending some small time
on this spinning globe
it seems that life is a series
of repetitions
and variations
like a syntactic tree
which is never concluded
even when the speaker thinks
that he has reached the end
only to find that
there is still more to say.


There are many second chances,
yet none are quite the same,
so that we get to re-do
but not precisely -
which is why
none of us are perfect;
and besides,
wouldn't that be boring?


I only give what I promise
which isn't very much
natural light and a
designated life

I only see what I want to
which isn't very much
facts of life and a
hesitant smile

some things make an impression
some are left to the side
with the best intention

I only ask what I ought to
which isn't very much
thoughts of why
escape my kind

a gesture that seemed so fleeting
but later held such meaning
holds my soul
in times of strife

Monday, April 21, 2008


from reuters.com

The sculpture 'Puma-Dentist' made with plastic, wax and original heads of a puma and a hind by Austrian artist Deborah Sengl is pictured during an exhibition at the art gallery Deschler in Berlin April 15, 2008. The exhibition 'Of Sheep and Wolves' is open to the public till April 24, 2008.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Front porch

Back porch (springtime trees, and JQ bridge)

So, I guess maybe this is becoming my next "series"-- I'm gonna take a pic of this tree every day or two as it buds.

there is a man

There is a man
with a knife
(this much I know)

He is always there,

He only comes out at night
to drink from the pools
of the young
and nubile waters

So I'm just wondering

Is it because
the body
matures faster
than the mind
(and college girls are no exception)

or is it because your brain
long before
you were able to speak
(an inherent difficulty in possessing such a complex organ)

or is this just your game
of watching
and hiding

Whatever the reason

there is a man with a knife
and he's looking

(this much I know)


Assiniboine River Spring Thaw In The Moonlight

The Label Gallery: Last Call

I know there are a bunch of people/art that is not represented here, but I was at the mercy of what was available.

Thank "youse" to Yee and Mom Saidman!

Friday, April 18, 2008

on the subject of handle turning

A long key
and a deep lock
jiggled and jammed away

a mutual sigh
and some time passed

A baby opened the door today!


Death is Not a Door

Death is not a door
Love is not an anchor
Sadness does not pass
Worry is not worth it
Hunger is not hatred
Freedom is not chains
Respect is not tolerance

and seeing eye to eye is not the point

the doors were always open
the doors were always open
the doors were never there

Death is But a Door (with a secret combination I'm still trying to learn)

Dream in this half-light of
Montreal morning,
sound of church bells outside,
solitary coffee and three
cats for company,
blue dream of sky
golden light of space and
distance and
far-away thoughts to
those I love and
something that will never be equalled
(and perhaps only surpassed)
in its stress, filth, and glory,
alfa and
omega of eternity I
sing of you now a
prayer of thanks and ask
for the strength to
look straight upward
forever into the
vibrant cloudless seam of this
dream within a dream within
a dream.


Death is but a Door (rally call)

self, originally uploaded by babajiwotan.

Maybe Im in some confused daze or something but I'm really not understanding how I got to this funeral and who died.

I look out the window and it's freaking bigtime spring and it's a super hot day and had a great party show with all the peeps in the place again and it's all good. Isn't it? What am I missing?

Nobody's going away. Nothings over.

The egg is only just hatching.
What reason for lament?
Shape up. Stretch yourself out a bit.

Freaking stay strong for heaven's sake. Why the glum faces?

Maybe I am in some nutmeg daze or something and there's some hidden thing that I don't understand.

I just can't get myself into a sappy sort of melancholic slump of a mind frame when I know that such crazy shizzle is coming over the next few months and that the spinning wheel of karma and wondr will keep spinning us around and around in neverending glorious cycles of insanity and art and poetry and love all the way from alfa to omega and the ravings of a lunatic!

Perhaps Burton said it best:

‘Cause it’s the new Mother Nature taking over
It’s the new Splendid lady come to call
It’s the new Mother Nature taking over
She’s gettin’ us all
She’s gettin’ us all.

Do you also need to be reminded by king Louis:

“My people will sleep for one hundred years when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.”

enjoy enjoy





I remember

I posted this in December 2005, as I thought about The Label and how wonderful my experience there was. I repost it now posthumously, in remembrance of that great time, where we shared all of our loves, all of our sins. Yesterday those doors closed, and I thank Dan for keeping them open as long as he did. I love you guys... and so it goes...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Que Why @ Langside

I don't understand my heart

I don't understand my heart
amongst all the brown ties
and blue sheets
clamoured and adored
books squeezed by black metal
lying there bored and read

I don't understand my heart
when a vision is pure
yet the night seems dark
sweaters that love
and a calculator
that just won't calculate

I don't understand my heart
with all the good and malicious intent
the history looking upon me
shaking its head:
you know better lights
that have swallowed better men

I don't understand my heart
draped and messy
white and rigid:
were these the tales to his grandson
that confirmed the few brass owls?

Medals are your vision
production is your decree
don't let the drawers
of a vision take you from
your house of inner listen
Damn this heart

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am that I am


I think that I am
but I am not

And I yield to
this green umbra

offering draws
never wanting to

Gnome Chomsky

two lists

rugs and doors
stairways and hiding holes
meltwater and mud
a minor argument soon smoothed over
and forgotten
a big blowout
this is the list of the day and
the things that went on
under the view of many

crescents and candles
incense and tea
fresh air and a cool breeze
stars emerging into look-ness
tempers that flare
grudges that won't disappear
this is the list of the night and
its things that go on
under the view of none

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here and Now

Ok, I know it's a struggle every time
To lay it all on the line
Why even try?
All right, but let that go tonight
See if it'll turn out right
'Cause it just might

All right, I know it's a heartbreak every time
It's so unfair to be passed by
And have to wonder why
But if you want to improve your chances of
You gotta be open to all the love
Whichever way it comes

Everybody's hoping it will be their day
Taking all they got, and they throw it away
Looking for some happiness
Anywhere but here
Anytime but now


There are moments when things are very clear from a certain perspective, a point of view grounded in time and place. And suddenly, this point of view can diametrically shift and I can see, just as clearly, things from a polar opposite perspective.

And, at times, I can inhabit both of these at once, in my Schrodinger's-cat-mind.

And, at times, I can jump between the two, nervously, never able to stand still and live in both at the same time.

And, at times, there are many perspectives I am aware of, and others only dim in the shadows; not quite inhabitable, but still not wave-of-the-hand dismissable illusions, either.



there is a poem written about a road diverging in the woods, and about never being able to return. And yet, at times, I think that life is more like a pool of water, shifting and reshaping, refracting the view every time I turn to look.

And, at times, I lift my head only to see what I had been looking for flicker out of view. Perhaps it will return. Probably when I am least expecting it.