Friday, March 27, 2009

Irish Lose Their Sense of Humour Over Painting

The prankster who created a furore when his nude portraits of Brian Cowen, the Irish Prime Minister, were hung in two of Dublin's most prestigious galleries faced prison yesterday after police discovered his identity. Times of London article.


c-dog said...

Gotta love the art pranks.

micro said...



I like it when Tom Green graffitis his own art at a gallery and everyone gets upset. Of course no one suggested he should do jail time.

Also, I would suggest "art pranks" are as much art as a painting. The idea to put it in the gallery uninvited was surely thought about. Sort of painting + performance.

wolfBoy said...

agreed. word verif is exporing, which is the act of putting your art, uninvited, in a public exhibition.

qw said...


wolfBoy said...

i read the article online, and was pleased to see that, of the dozens of comments posted, the support for the artist (and anger at the gov't) is pretty much unanimous.


jc said...

According to the article, the artist didn't hang the can he be charged with anything?