Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pome for a person with HIV, Mar '09

i wanted to
write the song that would
scar your heart about
sad afternoons and
bus trips through the rain
or the way
you might try for something and never
get it or tell you
something you could believe in
and instead all
i had was this sad gathering of
words to try to tell you about how
life is random and so
ugly too and that
you should come over later for
beer and we'll talk about the
weather or imagine what's
going to happen when it gets worse
for you or the
world finally collapses and
i'll ask if you
want more and you'll say: always, buddy,
that's why i'm here.


c-dog said...

I love you dude.

cara said...


I wonder if to want more is what keeps us alive.

Irish said...


greg oakes said...

that was good; thanks for sharing. i do believe that wanting more is a big factor in keeping us alive.

i'm posting this video link because it contains important information about hiv/aids. i've been sharing this information via the social networking sites for the past few years, in hopes that it may help someone.

before the skeptics get all cynical over the information provided within this video, please do your own research first, and then decide for yourself.

sorry if i've ruined the mood, i just can't seem to keep quiet when it comes to things of this nature.

thanks for your time.