Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jacques Cartier Bridge, the final chapter

So, I have officially moved up the hill a bit and out of the Gay Village.

One bleary-eyed morning, two days before the move, getting up to get a drink of water at 6 a.m., i saw this sunrise, and just had to take a few pics-- these are the last in my JQ bridge series, which in the end covered 13 and a half months and has about 2,500 pics.

If that no-good fellow known as Irish ever sobers up and gets out of jail (hi buddy, i miss you, the kitchen at Saloon has been like a morgue) we might just turn 'em into a video of some sort.


Irish said...

Great shot, I can almost feel the warmth the color gives off. But in reality it's like minus twenty out there. Cool thing about clear days when it's cold is the lack of smog creating great views of the city, especially on the mountain.

Wolfboy, you filthy bugger slash hobo(Hey buddy, i miss you more. But, the kitchen is technically a morgue now. ell oh ell) lets arrange a date to produce "Jay QB"


Altry to give you a shout soon bro dude.

cara said...

love this shot, it kinda looks like something James might paint... and the colours, the colour are hot.

I'm not sure where my love affair with the silhouette (sp?) began but i'm totally involved now.