Monday, March 02, 2009



BabajIwodin said...

this is an incredible new development that has far reaching consequences for the revolution

word veri;


obvious word veri interpretation

Culleton is the Thor of our Alfan Pantheon. Weilding his terrible lightning hammer Mjöllnir- contour drawings in steel.

Thor would be able to strike as firmly as he wanted, whatever his aim, and the hammer would never fail, and if he threw it at something, it would never miss and never fly so far from his hand that it would not find its way back, and when he wanted, it would be so small that it could be carried inside his tunic.

cara said...

or Culleton as the god Hephaestus,
a god/anti god sort of charcter, who despite his mortal aliments ( he had a bum leg), was responsible for all sorts of metalic and non metallic wonders.

He's actually my fav. god.

(not that you have an awkward gait or are in anyway displeasing to the eye there Jamesy, I just think in keeping with my anti-hero proclivities, I wanted to add an alternative)

This actually might be a fun game, which god or goddess (greek or otherwise) would the rest of the Alfans be?

SMOke me IM the tiger said...

Ok Which of you guys is sitting there making up for peoples word veris. I swear its not me. This reminds me of last time i played with teh ouija board.

word veri:


Obvious word veri interpretation

The blog god is obviously wishing for me to bring to your attention the living god Halle Selassi!
This is the guy from ethiopia that all rastas worhisp as being the incarnation of the king of kings.

Hes special becasue he was the last true black monarch of africa to resist imperialism. Until Russia came and overthru him. Im not sure who rastas worship now.

Although you dont beleive me, I, the Smoke Tyger, along with my rasta brother Louis Riel is a pure blood rastafari. I have met and held congress with many rastas from around the world, including the sadhus of india and they verified this fact for me. Not to brag.

cara said...

the more I look at it the more I love the lines, too bad they're so hard to produce.

wolfBoy said...

i agree. too bad. every house could use one or two.

ceramic, maybe? prob'ly not much easier, though.

Jenni said...

james this is beautiful. I have been thinking about your paintings as of late.

starting some new things of my own...
shaky lines
shaky lines