Tuesday, March 03, 2009


D.Macri said...

Hitchhikers Guide explains that the Earth is actually a supercomputer commissioned and paid for by mice. The mice had earlier built a supercomputer named Deep Thought in order to find the answer to life, the Universe and everything. After seven and a half million years it gives the answer “42”. After being unsatisfied by the answer, they seek to find the Ultimate Question. Deep Thought then design the supercomputer Earth.
Unfortunately five minutes before the completion of the program, the Earth is destroyed (Vogons with the bypass).
Understandably, the mice are unsatisfied with the result.

cara said...

yes, we certainly are in a time of ultimate questions with few if any answers.

this video was overwhelming, and in a sense sort of disconnecting, I mean how do you connect with all of that information, and more importantly understand the implications of this technology/information?

WHat does it all mean?

wolfBoy said...

wow. crazy.

for me, this raises questions like: how long can this possibly continue? and: is it beneficial?

wolfBoy said...

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anita said...

Mindblowing to think that we could one day build a computer that is more intelligent than ourselves.

Logically, a construction can only be as intelligent as its creator, and even this has never been achieved as far as I know.

But you could say that the human brain evolved from a brainless source which is the universe, if you don't believe in a creator God. Just evolved from randomness and natural selection.

I don't suggest that we are "smarter" than the universe, its force and knowledge are very different and much more powerful than ours.

Similarly, a calculator is smarter than humans in its ability to make speedy calculations but you could never have a philosophical conversation with it.

In the same way it's very hard to imagine a computer that would surpass humans in say, emotional intelligence. This leads me to imagine this future computer as having crazy analytical skills while remaining emotionally cold which then of course leads me to think of all those sci fi movies where the powerful robots become cold killers intent on taking over the human race like Terminator or something.

And then of course there's those ridiculous movies where the robot learns to have emotions and gets all sappy and cries.

It's true though that technology is advancing so fast like a train off the rails and good or bad I'm not sure there's anything we can do to stop it.

On that note I think I should get a cell phone soon.

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