Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flag Design Attempt #1

Here's one quick try at a new flag design. Given the harsh winters we are prone to the snowflakes were an obvious choice. The suns represent the open sky and also our immigrant population (notice that it's the same sun used on the Filipino flag). The bison represents the aboriginal population and our heritage. The yellow is for wheat (and canola). The blue is for water. The white is for the European folk (maybe).


wolfBoy said...

nice. love it.

vive le manitoba libre.

TheBlueMask said...

love the snowflakes especially! Good weather representation.

babajwotan said...

a huge mosquito in one corner could be gnarly

is that bison brown or black I cant tell

i wonder what flag louis raised over the fort. Im not sure if anyone knows. was it the metis infinite design

The Disclaimer said...

I found a good image and was going to include the mosquito, but I thought it might be a bit too cliché... maybe for attempt #2.