Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Art Auction

I'm part of an art auction at the North Dakota Museum of Art.

Click here to check it out


Frenchguy said...

Weird that there are so many Wpg artists supporting a North Dakotan institution. Do artists get anything out of this? I am a bit critical of how artists are always asked to contribute artwork for free to support causes and organisations, even if said artists are often living poor and often snubbed for support by the majority of the population.

Knick said...

Not that weird really(supporting this place I mean). It's probably one of the largest art galleries this close to Winnipeg. It'sa beautiful gallery on the UND campus, an old women's gymnasium redesigned as an art gallery.

And the auction itself is actually a great set-up in comparison to some of the other art auctions I've heard about.

The people at the gallery are very nice and treat the artists with respect. And it's not a "give me your artwork" and see you later type thing, it's more of a partnership.