Thursday, October 29, 2009


TheBlueMask said...

That bird ate better than I do.

Quitmoanez said...

F'n tragedy, eck, I wan to rage.

Anonymous said...

...and so many examples. They really like to eat lids from drink bottles it seems. I can't help but to imagine one of those lids is from my drink.

NANOTECH GARBAGE PROCESSOR: A large flat plate of what appears to be
glimmering metal or diamond is located at a city's garbage disposal
center in a special highly-guarded room. Outside this special room in
a neighboring room, a garbage truck backs up and dumps its contents
onto a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt transfers the garbage to the
special room and drops it onto the large shiny plate. As soon as the
garbage hits the plate, the plate shimmers and the garbage
disappears. To the casual observer it appears to be a magic trick.
The observer can see underneath the plate and only empty space is
there, but anything dropped onto this large shiny plate disappears as
if falling through science fiction dimensional door. In another room
next to the special room are rods and vats that grow or fill up as
garbage is dumped onto the plate in the special room. The rods are of
pure solid material and a different type each. The vats of different
liquid or gaseous chemicals and a different type each.