Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wire Chair Sculpture


Quitmoanez said...

These are amazing, you've got something here!!

D.Macri said...

Fast forward into the future by 30 years, visiting James studio that smells like old man.

"And THIS drawer is where I keep my assorted lengths of wire".


Knick said...

These are very interesting to me, especially the squirrel one. I used a sketch to work from and just twisted and bent each piece to match the sketch. Much like the larger water jet cut sculptures, the pictures I've taken don't do them justice, in fact, they sometimes just look like photos of drawings. Any ideas for better pictures of these?

These are the pieces I'm working on for the Habitat for Humanity show. They give you $20 to spend at their store, you make something out of their materials and they have a wine and cheese affair in the spring to raise money and auction off the work.

If anyone is interested I can forward you more info.

cara said...

These are gorgeous. the ones below too.

I love how these are a three dimensional version of contour drawings.