Thursday, November 12, 2009

new painting, first sitting


cara said...

very nice!

mondotrasho said...

A great start. Mirror, photo or from memory? A suggestion: put more modeling light on one side of the face. ~m

plischk said...

photo. no projector, though - first painting w/o a projector.

thanks for the suggestion.

micro said...

Modeling light? Sounds like Mondo wants to get his brush in there. Really, it all depends what you're after. If you want form, a gradation of light and dark is likely what you need, but say if Matisse were commenting, he might say "less modeling light, more flat, more design". Of course it's up to you.

Good for you at getting to a first possible stage of completion, in a single sitting!

jc said...

ha! sounds like mondo was pulling a macro if you ask me.

micro said...

Hey man, you invited me to paint OgoPogo!

micro said...

Meeoow! Spffft Spffft!

mondotrasho said...

I think what I'd really like is to take Ms. Plischke for coffee some evening so we could discuss the finer points of key, fill and rim lighting -- photographer to painter. Ms. Plischke I'd be delighted and honoured, and perhaps while we're out you could have your charming partner stay at home and take care of the little ones. Oh the stories we could tell one another I'm sure. Home before midnight, scouts honour! ~m
p.s. J.C. perhaps you should brush up on the "The First Law Of Holes".

jc said...

After brushing up on this law I realized a couple of things.

1. That when an artist puts something up on le blog for discussion it's hard to resist contributing 'a solution' to their piece, assuming that it needs to be solved or that there is 'a problem'. I had discussed this with Macro just the other night. It's not really offering a solution to make something better, but rather, a remedy that makes the piece of art look more like one of your own. So, by, let's say, adding a lighting covention it becomes less a plischke and more a mondo.

2. The first time that mondo met the plischke he presented her with a sheaf of wheat, the prairie version of a bouquet of flowers. Mondo is very charming. Look at the last comment.

3. I can't decide whether Mondo is obliquely indicating a romantic interest in my wife or he is just doing it to show his affection for me? Hmmm. Must be the deeeeep hole I'm in.

micro said...

Maybe he's being cheeky in response to your strange comment:

"Even in its first stage of completion this is better than anything mondo has ever done."

Mondo is a very good photographer, or at least has a few photos that I consider to be above the usual standards. I think this entitles him to aesthetic opinions, and he shouldn't be blamed for something we both have done (a lot). It's very tempting to critique, it's part of the dialogue of art. Mondo is informed enough to know this, and perhaps confused by your blanket statement about the comparison of quality. One of the beauties of the blog is the diversity of perspectives, allowing one person to critique, and the next to disagree with the critique or point out that we are trying to influence each other. As far as I can tell the only way we can screw up is by taking things too personal. So you guys shake hands and be nice. Please.

Aso, I wasn't saying light and shadow is a bad idea, just not the only one... of course.

"adding a lighting covention it becomes less a plischke and more a mondo".

-This is a stretch on what we were talking about. I don't think shading a portrait makes it like photography (necessarily).

jc said...

Not really a stretch D, I think you misunderstand my comment. Let me be more clear.

More often than not when someone suggests something about completing a piece of art, its usually a trick or technique that they've used in the past on their own work. That's what I'm talking about.

I wasn't really questioning Mondo's abilities as a photographer or a painter or a pretzel maker. I'm more questioning his flirtations with my wife. ;)

micro said...

Yes, misunderstandings to and fro.

plischk said...

oh my.

first, i didn't post this as a stage of possible completion, but because i was excited to pick up a paint brush for the first time in 3 years and wanted to "announce" it to anyone paying attention.

nearly every time i paint, the first sitting ends at about the same stage - paint covering every inch of canvas. i just can't walk about unless there is paint everywhere - even if i haven't thought about how i want the painting to look, or what colours to use... I grabbed what's on hand and dab, smear, brush till there's no more white. I think i paint like a writer pounding out the first draft and then proceeding from there (i don't think this is actually a very good strategy for painting, or knitting - I've got a couple of f-ed up scarves on the go right now).

I'm grateful for all comments, criticisms, and suggestion - I'm happy to learn from anyone willing to teach.

knick,i do not appreciated complements when they are simply crafted to insult someone else. and, get over your cyber jealousy.

mondo, happy to have coffee and discuss lighting, etc. I've just been given my first camera and am eager to get pointers on how to use it. Also, I mostly paint from photos, so the more I understand photography, the better. with this image in particular the lighting is "flat" (poor), so I will have to come up with something as i progress (i chose the image for the facial expression and the resemblance to my grandmother, not because it was a great photo).