Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day...


excerpt from "Earth Day: Lost in a Forest of Green?" by Moira Welsh, Toronto Star

Stephen Hazell is the executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada. He believes the symbolism of events like Earth Day is best used to remind the public about the relationship between energy consumption and global warming.

The downside, Hazell says, pointing to Earth Hour, is that "you don't want to give the impression that turning off your lights for an hour or two is going to make a big difference."

"We need to use these more symbolic events to try and get more fundamental change in behaviour," he says. "Hopefully, if people turn off their lights for an hour, maybe that will lead them to question why they have to have their lights on all the rest of the time."


Quitmoanez said...

We should have earth hour every day, and during work hours, so that people have to talk and greet each other, and maybe, just maybe, they'll talk about the moment at hand. Call it 2012, call it fate, call it justice, it is time.

micro said...

Is the bottom one tailings from a cadmium mine?

mondotrasho said...

I changed about a dozen lights to compact fluorescent today. They're down to about $2 a bulb finally. You can buy them at 2700K (as red as incandescent bulbs) too instead of 5500K or 6500K (read: way to blue for night time).