Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ernie Barnes, Artist

I didn't know about this guy before, but he just passed away. Some nice statements about art in this short video.


c-dog said...

That's awesome.

I can't agree more that the drive to self-improvement is just that, a drive, a fundamental human experience, whether actualised or not.

In fact, not actualising it can be quite damaging to the individual, and in one sense begins to lay the bases for societal ills.

jc said...

Very cool. sport paintings too! Make sme think of Macro and I discussing how we are going to combine sport & art with a new practice called Pilarties.

c-dog said...

Pilarties! Ha!

cara said...

i'll sign up.

greg oakes said...

wow, that was great!! wonderfully put; words of wisdom! sad news about his passing though. *sigh* thanks for sharing; you should post it on facebook.