Saturday, April 11, 2009

Zombie Lunch at the Cafe (Renoir)

From the Painting is (Un)Dead Series.

A couple other zombie classics I found

American Gothic

Mona Lisa

(I'd love to find others)


D.Macri said...

I just couldn't look at BBT anymore.

"Mmmmmm, brains"

cara said...

bless you for doing that!

cara said...

I think the Renoir is the most subtle: is it wine or brains dripping down her chin?

Anonymous said...

wolfBoy said...

nice. this reminds me, macro, of the first world war zombie horror musical romantic comedy film we once dreamed of creating, complete with a zombie chorus.

word verif: victul

micro said...

Wasn't it a WW2 greek comic tragedy zombie musical?


c-dog said...

I remember that! Those were some serious times.