Monday, April 06, 2009

What is one to do?

Jeez its been a dogs age since I've been on the blog. I had my laptop stolen in October and i've found it difficult to keep up to the Inter-web without it. Anyway. . .

So, I've had this nameless band with the legendary Vince Andrushko for over a year now and we STILL DONT HAVE A NAME!!! summers coming and we need to start getting shows but whats the point if no one has a way to remember or hear about you. Long story short i want some ideas. Heres some of the names we've been thinking of, let me know what you think! Suggestions welcome!! Here goes:

The Rockford Files
The Silver Bullets
The Shootouts
The Jimmy Swaggarts
Barn Dance
No Cover Free Beer
The Special Guests
The Propositions
Lucky Luke
Triple E
The 151's
The Fortunes
The Longbows
The Hastings

Thats a start. I'll tell you its a real bummer to have a band and not a name. In fact, its more or less futile. Damn it feel good to post on here again! Hi Roberts!!!


Krahn said...

PS: my personal favorite is The Rockford Files. Mainly because i loved that show and the short form of the name would be The Rockfords.
Plus the possibilty for cool stickers is there. I love stickers.

donmaximo said...


The Silver Bullets
The Special Guests
Lucky Luke

Though, I think you should go with something like "Lucky Luke and the Special Guests" or "Lucky Luke and the Silver Bullets" or "Lucky Luke and the Quickdraw Kids" or "Lucky Luke and the Smokewagon Express" get the idea.

D. Sky Onosson said...

The Rockfords is better... although likely taken somewhere. Hard to decide without knowing the music - I assume it's bluesy/country/something?

The Special Guests is/was a band from Victoria, btw.

I like No Cover Free Beer - before the Meanies, we talked about calling our band Free Roast Beef.

The Shootouts is pretty good, too.

donmaximo said...

or "Lucky Luke and the Shootouts".....mmmmm, roast beef.

Krahn said...

Yeah rock n roll, country, rocka billy, fast fun.

TheBlueMask said...


Krahn said...

Rockfords was taken but the broke up in '03. Mike Mcready from pearl jam led the band. I still really like that name though

donmaximo said...

Perhaps word veri can help:


Huh? Huh?

I was serious about the Lucky Luke though.

kk said...

redroa(d) is my word verif.

what ever happened to horn? or perhaps you make up a nmae that includes Josey Krahn and Vince Andrusko? like....Vinny Krahuska?

What's adress? that's interesting...But solid is that, although Ford isn't doing so well.

Or maybe just Josey and Vinny?

But a band name, shit that's hard, that'swhy I'm still the minglers. Look to your heart Krahn, you will find the answer.

jc said...

Or my latest favorite Art Dick (pronounced arctic)

jc said...

or maybe named after a lyric in a stones/hank song?

c-dog said...

In order of desire:

Lucky Luke
The Longbows
Triple E

wolfBoy said...

I still vote for Teens for Decency.

Denis said...

How about "Hi Roberts!!!"

WORD VERF: Kingshen

Krahn said...

i cannot use Teens for Decency without your two liters of bottled magic. Come back to the city of dreams and I will kill for you. Sonically.

D. Sky Onosson said...

I wanted to call my band People Are Idiots, but Ike talked me out of it - said it was too negative. I kind of regret it now...

renamaphone said...

Columbo jumped out at me right away, cause short names are my fave. Long names are tougher to pull off. There are so many BAD band names in T.O...

it's tough to suggest a name when I haven't seen you play. Maybe you should post a youtube video?...(yes please!)

donmaximo said...

"Pappy Krahn and the Litttle Tots"?

I'm here all night people...

anita said...

I like Teens for Decency, even though you're not a teen, and...i guess you're sort of decent..

wolfBoy said...

How about "Ramblin' Joe and the Listeners" where you tell long-winded stories between songs, and then the band finally interrupts you and says "yer ramblin' again there, Joe" and you say "so I am, boys, so I am" and then you start playing the next song.

cara said...

what Ren a youtube. I can't make an uninformed decision.

but wolfboy makes a compelling story supporting a name that wasn't on your list...Writers.

word ver: momalif
hmmm, maybe something with momma in the name?

donmaximo said...

Haha, Lorne, I miss you and our eerie similarity!

Two more names (I'm just pullin' them out of the sky now):

"The Matadors" - I feel like this must be taken tho.

"Barbosa" - I've always liked this name and wanted to use it as the name of some cool character in a story.

veri: egnate

donmaximo said...

The sun rises like a dime of molten heat above the horizon. In the yard, Darrel emerges from the tool shed.

“What th’damn hell jesus was that noise?” he blurts.

The porch door to the faded blue country house slams open, shivering against the wall with the impact, as Boyd come flailing through. He trips over his lanky teenage legs with a sad awkwardness and half hops, half falls off the front porch into the front lawn.

“Darl! Darl! Come quick! Moma dun fall’d down d’stairs! Come quick Darl…and bring th’ momalif wit ya!”

cara said...


the momalifs:
ministering to the spirits of fallen momas everywhere.

you should include this story on your posters.

The Disclaimer said...

I like the TV theme, shows from when you were a kid, etc. 'cause its nostalgic and cool kinda like I imagine your music to be (judging by past performances).

With that in mind, here's my suggestion:

The Mister Rogers' Experience (you can use the same font they used for the show for your logo and impose a pic of Mr. R. sporting a photoshoped AXIS era afro and top it off with a kick ass cover of the theme song—played with your teeth of course).

[or not]

My other suggestion is also from Mr. Roger's, but a bit more obscure:

The King Fridays, or maybe just: King Friday (XIII).

Your welcome.

Krahn said...


Lorne Roberts

wolfBoy said...

ha ha!

josey krahn.