Friday, July 31, 2009

David Macri Solo Show

couldn't get the entire room in the picture, but here's couple of walls.


micro said...


wolfBoy said...

looks like a nice space. this is the actual church itself, or...?

word verif: sioniz.

can these things really be random?

micro said...

The church owns the whole building, James's studio, Wigtads, etc.

Denis said...

So that guy is drinking beer in a church?

D.Macri said...

And if it were a beer, why should that draw your attention? Isn't every Christian church equipped with alcohol? Or does the holy blood of Christ (Eucharist wine) not count as among the family of spirits? Besides, it wasn't a big drinking party.

There were some issues I had about exhibiting in a Church, but I was much more concerned with the art and ideals clashing than the booze. I worried that my atheist friends would not come to the show, fearing it to be some sort of trick, used to recruit new disciples. When I was making the poster, I first called it the Exchange Community Building, more less trying to hide the church aspect. Then, I didn't feel right about that (and there was a giant cross in the gallery). The main reasons I associate with this group is I find them tolerant (friendly even), surprisingly open minded and progressive. As I mentioned above, Jame's studio, Wigtads, both in a church. Also, while my art isn't Christian art as a genre (like Christian rock), it doesn't really contradict any of its core values. In fact they are often aligned. This is not because I am a one religion man, and devout Christian, but because I am tolerant and curious about spirituality. On top of that, it was free and they didn't ask for commission.

I'm not sure why, maybe it has to do with the location (being in a church), or the hours and dates, my inadequate advertising, or god forbid, the art or artist, but the turn out wasn't spectacular. Of course I love everyone of you that came out to the show, and thanks a ton. Truely though, there are more works of art in the show, than people that saw the show. There are 21 paintings, 4 charcoal drawings, 10 watercolours, and 30 ink drawings. 3 more days of viewing, and then they all go back into my bachelor apartment or storage (parents walls). If any of you can come , or even send someone down to see the exhibit, Tues, Wed, or Thurs (1-5pm) please do! No one will try and convert you.