Friday, July 31, 2009

Important Information

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c-dog said...

I'm not so sure Iran's leadership is all that peaceful, but the media are for sure corrupt, they are the tool of a corporation called the State Inc.

wolfBoy said...

agreed about Iran. and he did, after all, host the Holocaust Denial conference last year. clearly there's been no end of spin from the State(s)

but really, i'm not sure "the media" (whatever that is) is any more corrupt than the society that spawned it.

i mean, sometimes i'm "the media". so is george strombopolous, so is stephen colbert. am i corrupt? what about george?

and UFC is part and parcel of all that too, is it not?

i'm just not sure it's so easy as to blame this vague body called "the media", though certainly they (or it) have played a part in keeping the population docile and ignorant.

and YET, because of this media, we have more access to more information about the world in one sunday edition of the New York Times than a European scholar of the Middle Ages would be exposed to in his whole lifetime.

so whose fault is it really?

the "media", or ours?

c-me said...

The media's, and ours.