Monday, August 10, 2009

I sleep better under an open window

The windows are tightly shut now:
after the glass broke
almost 4 months ago
footprints palimpsest
still on the sheets
in this small room
the flickering triumph
of a dying light bulb
dances with the shadows.

Last night
the thunder cloud’s ovations
reminded me
I like to hear the storm
bloom in the darkness
and purple the sky
stems and petals on fire
quenched endlessly
with falling water

I yearn for


wolfBoy said...

hey-- whatever came of that whole broken window thingy?

cara said...

not much...about 5 hours spent with many police officers, perps caught on tape (not that anyone cared), finger printing and boarded up windows, and in the end the biggest loss was my sense of safety.

in the end they stole about $30 dollars worth of quarters that I use for laundry...seriously?!
Makes me laugh just a little, you know you're living modestly when that's all you got to steal.