Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mont Royal et Marquette, rain (for Alan)

mont-royal and marquette and
rain, always rain and the
black-sweatered beggar across the street,
head-shaven handsome, lets it
fall and doesn't bat an eye, ignores
his empty change dish and the rain and
seems like the cross-legged
siddhartha of the plateau while
on the coffee shop radio émilie proulx sings
toute seule, toute seule and
traffic doesn't pause to
notice this or the stoic
cross-topped mountain
shrouded in mist our
senses grown dull even as the
blue-sky edges out again and

alan's ghost walks past me now,
messy-haired, bearded and smiling
smiling, nodding say hey buddy,
hey, keep going, it's good,
tell them, everyone you see,
tell them
it's gonna be


cara said...

very peaceful and comforting.

Émilie said...


cara said...

great song too Emilie!

wolfBoy said...