Saturday, May 23, 2009

Communing with the Rose Breasted Grosbeak



D.Macri said...

Rose-breasted Grosbeak: Breeds from northeastern British Columbia, southern Manitoba, and Nova Scotia south to southern Alberta, central North Dakota, central Oklahoma, and New Jersey, and in the mountains as far south as northern Georgia; also a regular visitor on the west coast and winters from central Mexico through Central America and into northern South America. Preferred habitats include moist woodlands adjacent to open fields with tall shrubs and old, overgrown orchards.

c-dog said...


wolfBoy said...

i never get tired of watching birds.

does that make me old?

Prairie Grown said...

Aahhh... I love the red heart shape on the breast.

anita said...

What a pretty little bird. I want to pet its soft rose breast.

Sounds weird, I know.

wv: comadong

cara said...

so pretty.
I love the way the red heart pops out of the picture.