Saturday, May 23, 2009

Elvis Presley Blues

Gillian Welch, lyrics from "Elvis Presley Blues", from her epic 2001 album Time (the Revelator).

well he took it all out of black and white grabbing one and the other hand and he held on tight and he shook it like a hurricaine, he shook it like to make it rain, he shook it like a holy roller baby with his soul at stake with his soul at stake. Soul at stake.

I was thinkin' that night about Elvis, day that he died, day that he died,
well he shook it and it rang like silver he shook it and he shined like gold, he shook it and it beat that stream drill baby well bless my soul, and it beat that steam drill well-uh-bless-my-soul, what's wrong with me?

I was thinkin' that night about Elvis, day that he died, day that he died,
just a country boy who combed his hair and put on the shirt his mother made and he went on the air and he shook it like a chorus girl he shook it like a Harlem Queen he shook it like a midnight rambler like you never seen like you never seen.


jc said...

For some reason I had Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch fused together as one person. I was watching a live version of this Elvis song on youtube an dthought, hmmm, she looks different then when I saw her last.

Both ladies, supper talented, one on fiddle and one on guitar and both amazing singers, I guess I made the fusion during Brother Where art Thou? (it's been so long, is that the title?) If you don't have a copy of that soundtrack...well I don't know, get it damnit.

wolfBoy said...


that's why i started listening to that album of hers again, b/c i watched the movie.

her, allison kraus and emmylou harris are the voices of the sirens in that scene by the river: go to sleep you little baby...

i've been re-discovering her album time (the revelator) for the last few weeks, and i wanna place it up there with some of the great dylan, cohen, willie nelson and johnny cash kinda albums.

actually, knack, i thought of you when i posted this song, b/c of the elvis connection.

and also of h20's elvis cartoon on here from way back.