Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19

"The idea of people hearing about punk rock and saying "How do I become a punk?" and then trying to imitate other so-called punks was absurd. The correct question to ask is, "How do I express myself?" If you do that right, you're a punk, whether you mean to be or not."

-Tim Smith of the Adverts

I think if you replace "punk" with "artist", he's nailed the ethos a lot of us have.

Or, just keep punk in there b/c we're so bad-ass.

It's my birthday. I'm thirty-freaking-seven, and I feel great about that. Also born on this day: Malcolm X, Pete Townsend, Peter Mayhew (aka Chewbacca).

I just had a great visit in TO with some AlfA peeps and Olivia.


c-dog said...

Sorry I missed it!

Lots of love Roberts, lots of love!!

c-generations said...

And wait a second, isn't Olivia ALfA by birth?

wolfBoy said...

i think so, yes.

wolfBoy said...

actually, definitely yes.

also the knackerson progeny, and the onasson progeny, and all those to come.

also, joey ramone too was born on my birthday.

Maitaca said...

i miss you roberts! happy post birthday (ooh that has so many meanings...okay, well maybe just two. smiles!)

cara said...

don't forget the h2o boys..

it was intercity, cross generational alfa love in.

love love love!

wolfBoy said...

hi momo-mimi! i miss you too!

and yes, i forgot the h20 and the oakeseses, partly because i had drank a large beer and was 2.5 sheets to the wind.