Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Search for the right band...

Hello Labelites!

Krystal and I are searching for a band to play at our wedding on September 4th, 2009.

The wedding ceremony and reception will be at Fort Gibraltar here in Winnipeg.

We're looking for a band that is professional, has a sense of humor and can provide a foot-stompin' good time for the 130 guests that'll be there. We want the band to play original songs but not be afraid to take requests or play a few predetermined favorites for us. The style we're looking for is counrty/folk/blues-ish, but we're open to considering anyone who is serious about performing.

As many of you are well connected with the music scene here in Winnipeg, suggestions would be very helpful.



wolfBoy said...


culleton said...

hmmm. The Smoky Tigre?

country/folk/blues who would play a wedding in September....hmmm

The Krahnilites?
Scott Nolan Band?
Mayor Matt Allen and his Little Buddies?
The Minglers?
Oh My Darling?
The JakesBrakes?
Righteous Ike?
The Skybird Band?

I'll keep thinking,but check out someof their myspace pages to get a feel, I can contact most of them directly if you like, let me know!

donmaximo said...

Awesome! Thanks James!

Anonymous said...

the magnificent sevens?

Jen said...

D.Rangers are a great wedding band