Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Artistic Pollination

I was invited to make a painting at the Macri studio...I had an idea in mind based on an Op Art image I had seen I while back. I even had the colors in mind previous to making the piece....what's curious is that once I was at this stage in the painting I looked up and the similarities between my piece and one of David's became noticeable. Strange!


D.Macri said...

Also a good example of the abstract to landscape comparison. That they can be related so easily.

Ludolf Grollé said...

Similarities are often found in artists work. Like compliments in colour, or gestures that are similar. or poses or stances with people that are close. Kind of eerie yet fascinating. "L"

mondotrasho said...

Geez I don't know if borrowing Dave's beloved tube of Snowshoe Yellow constitutes cross pollination. Was the monster in room when all this happened perchance? ;^)

james said...

ha ha. I was using acrylic, he was using oil.

An interesting experiment/video would be having a gallery full of a type of work,let's say Robert Bateman's and have an artist go in and paint an abstract painting and see what happens. would the artist's choices be affected be the surroundings? How about painting a colorful abstract in the desert?