Monday, September 21, 2009

Winnipeg retreats

There were fourteen crosses
pointing to the wounds
that lined your fingers

Ten is not enough
and push-ups are
just release

But what if it didn't mean
we had to choose?


wolfBoy said...

but we chose anyway...?

i like the first stanza. does this have a specific meaning?

c-dog said...

We have to, and that can be both a sad and happy thing.

As for the first stanza, it's from the images I had in my head when being at Knackerson's old studio. At xmas time there were a whole bunch of crosses outside, and my fingernails were all torn up.

genesis said...

where writing originates is always interesting to me. i sometimes enjoy de-constructing my own stuff and saying: oh, that came from a line i overhead on the bus, and that's from a song i heard, and that's what i wrote on the back of a grocery receipt, etc...