Monday, September 21, 2009

Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine's Got Talent)


Anonymous said...

When I had first seen that video, I had considered the girl to be an artist. Thankfully, reading through wolfBoys posts on this blog, the flaws in my thinking have been exposed. How could this young girl possibly be considered an artist :-)

To paraphrase the wolfBoy:
"maybe if she continues to work diligently at this for another decade or two (because, this work doesn't suggest to me a life-long, disciplined process of trial and error, growth, etc, that is essential to the development of any artist), then i'll be more willing to jump on board."

Seriously, though, I think that this is amazing. Very talented.

micro said...

I seem to recall wolfboy saying that about a different artist. Not this one. Even so, I would question him too(and have, sometimes to his dismay). But what I've learned is that there are many pitfalls set before the would be art critics. Art is not meant to be understood. It has mystery sleeping in its veins, and there are an infinite number of gestures that can be combined to cause it to flow. It's really hard to tell 'who has diligently worked for decades' and who hasn't. And ultimately, that might not matter at all (Tom Thompson?). Art is communication for those initiated to understand the language. Whether you like it or not is of no concern. Whether it matches, or it's $ valuable; all rubbish. And I don't mean it has to have some super worked out concept, it can be something only one other person in the world understands and be your masterpiece.