Tuesday, September 15, 2009



D. Sky Onosson said...

The blog is on fire


BabajiWotan said...

I humbly nominate Ludolf as the new acting Emperor of Alfa. May he lead the Alfa Artists of Winnipeg on our never ending quest for art-enlightenment-reinforcement-creation-destruction-fun-misery-freedom-love. And may we all ride unicorns into the setting sun forever while the noble flag of ALFA flies high and our enemies scatter and cower before us. etc.

all in favor?

Ludolf Grollé said...

Thanks - but I bow to those who were here before me and will be here long after I am gone. I am happy to post items, comment and even - if allowed - get new people on board. What do the owners of this blog want - intimate local arena or to go global and huge?
Just interested to know. "L" Thanks for the sentiment - even though it may have been a little tongue in cheek.

Captain Goldstar said...

Alfa seeks to expand infinitum.

wolfBoy said...

one of the bajillion great things about this blog is that it has no "owners", no "leaders", per se.

j norman culleton began it four or so years back with a scan of his face, then began inviting us, and we all got on board.

there's been a handful of us who have posted consistently, year in and year out, a handful who drop in and out from time to time, post, comment, view in silence, etc, then re-appear again. sky calls himself a second-tier, but he posts a lot. renemaphone and josey almost never post, but their spirits are still here. all these various levels of participation have been welcome (though, as mentioned earlier, i'm no fan of keeping the names of people who accepted an invite and then either never posted, or posted once years back and haven't posted or commented since...)

not sure if we've ever had a vision for this blog, or a real goal. just fun, sharing ideas, commenting on each other's stuff, bickering, etc.

the idea of a publication has been knocked around from time to time, but no one's ever been able to take on the beastly task of editing 5000 posts.