Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Challenge 1A.

This is my first response to the first challenge... I will have several more, as I do my work in a variety of places - I don't have one single spot where I do most of it.

This picture is a corner of the U of M Experimental Linguistics Laboratory, which was renovated and given to the department just a couple of years ago, so it's still in pretty nice shape and has nice new furniture. Unfortunately, there are no windows so it gets a little claustrophobic after a few hours. In the centre of the photo is the department's human skeleton (the real thing). I don't think it (he?) has a name.


D. Sky Onosson said...

P.S. The photo was taken with my laptop's webcam, so it's not very hi-res. I don't really take many pictures with my real camera anymore - haven't been in the mood much for a couple of years.

P.P.S. I really recommend that you guys check out the multi-article that I posted about a while back on art forgery... well, it goes quite a bit further than that, actually. Here is the most recent installment.

wolfBoy said...

that skeleton is perhaps john merrick.