Friday, June 19, 2009

What am I?

It's a wild combination of inadequacy, wanting to be accepted, and
complete confidence, quasi-forthrightness, and the will to power.

I've realised that this may even be a moral play in my head, and less
about what I perceive things to be or how they even are, 'cause
clearly, the former can change by the minute, and the latter is just
what it is, and while I'm often wrong, I am also often right.

That is the stream of my consciousness.


wolfboy said...

you are a carbon-based lifeform, 70% water, bipedal male, homo sapiens sapiens.

cara said...

you are a question and an answer.

plischk said...

you are a man who writes like he needs a lap to curl up in.

anita said...

Are you reaching the last prongs of Maslow's hierarchy, are you simply in Erikson's dilemma of young adulthood of generativity versus stagnation, or are you trying to resolve the age old dilemma of consolidating dichotomies that are present in the ever-fluid, constant shifting that is the essence of human consciousness?

Perhaps all at once. This unresolved dichotomy can be philosophically problematic, it is almost un-resolvable. I'm convinced that this is the reason why some resort to fundamentalism and blind devotion to whichever figure head is most accessible to them. Grief and hardships are catalysts to this reaction no doubt.

I'm sure that's why Zen was invented.

anita said...


Being aware of the permeating dichotomies of existence allows you to keep yourself (and everything else around you) in a state of balance.

Knowing simultaneously that you are often right and often wrong puts your inner scale at zero, which is how the universe has been operating since its creation, I would say.

micro said...

Ah yes, the human condition. Oscillating between certainty and doubt, hope and despair. You are entitled to this range, drink it in like a humming bird laps up sweet nectar.