Wednesday, June 10, 2009

home office (circa 1996)

Here is my work space from the early days of my undergraduate degree. Does anyone recognize the computer? I'm shocked that I actually had one in my room - I know I didn't have an email account until 97 or 98. I still keep make up and a blow dryer at my desk, and I still have it set for tea through out the day. how serendipitous that my uncle sent me this image this morning (pictures of my current work spaces to follow).


J Norman Culleton said...

It looks like your sister is about to curl your bangs for least it's not a crimper.

And kudos on the you still have it?

Too funny plischke.

cara said...

foreshadowing I guess.

great picture!

c-dog said...

Ya, no kidding, love the vest. I think I had one like that myself!

plischk said...

i borrowed the vest from my sister. i used to borrow a lot of her clothes, but why oh why did i borrow the vest?

i look like saffie from ab-fab! no wonder i was a virgin till i was 19!

J Norman Culleton said...

I thought I married a virgin! ;)