Monday, June 01, 2009

an unopen letter

Dear sirs,

recent events have considered in the recentness
of the actions that have undertaken been having had been
inconsequentially still and quiet
and emphatically silent and humble
and retroactively unmade and not even considered

and still the peace that fights against this war
is ever outshined in this daylight
like a moonbeam at high noon across the arctic sky

terrible to see that it has come to this
in all my days of glory and menace and thrift
it was never expected (by me at least)
be will shall if can might perhaps and always

upper and righter forever instead
pass this on to the next generation who will be

yours in experience,


c-dog said...

Very nice, I like his a lot. Cool meter and timbre too.

wolfBoy said...

as a fellow linguist type, i dig this.

and i suspect you know of the grammatical error in the title, and intend it?

word verif: tolorox