Saturday, June 20, 2009

Setting the Standard

My friend Mr. White came to visit my new apartment. I was complaining to him about the tragic state of the sink, and it's un-scrubbable yellow tinged basin. I left the room and returned 15 minutes later to what you see in the picture.


D.Macri said...

This left me with the task of cleaning the rest of the sink to his standard of white.

c-dog said...


wolfBoy said...

"i want to be mr black."

"just take your name and be quiet."

"sure, easy for you to say, you get to be a cool colour. how about YOU be mr. pink and I'LL be mr. black, huh, see how you like that. how come i gotta be the shitty colour."

"shaddup, you're mr. pink."

this moment brought to you by my imprecise memory of reservoir dogs.