Friday, June 26, 2009

Gotta love technology....

The first app featuring images of nude women to go up for sale on iTunes can no longer be downloaded because it was too popular, the developer reported Thursday.
"The Hottest Girls app is temporarily sold out," said a post signed by the "ATG dev team" on the website of developer Allen Leung.

The "Hottest Girls" application for the iPhone and iPod touch costs $1.99 and boasts more than 2,000 photos of "hand-picked images of the finest looking girls" that are automatically updated. A previous version of the app, released in May, contained scantily clad women, but none who were naked.

At least one online review, however, said even the new, nude images are relatively tame.
Wired News columnist Charlie Sorrel called them "distinctly softcore."

"While there are nipples to be seen, that's about it," he wrote on the magazine's Gadget Lab website. "A smartly worded Google image search would do better if you're looking for titillation."


Anonymous said...

Gotta love technology...

...and it's ability to dictate ideals.

"This is what beauty is, and you should buy one of these phones"

wolfBoy said...

i was talking with some peeps the other day about how "body image" issues, long known to be a staple of female angst, are now being observed more and more by doctors, physiatrists, counsellors, etc-- but in men.

in men, apparently, it more often manifests as hyper-exercise rather than anorexia, although food deprivation is part of it too.

it's crazy that, in a world where UNICEF has now announced that ONE BILLION PEOPLE do not have enough to eat, we have the luxury of such intense self-absorbtion.

not to undermine the seriousness of anorexia, bulima, or similar problems in men, but it just seems that at its root, so much of this begins with our culture of me me me...

Denis said...

Funny, Apple pulled it.
No longer available.