Monday, June 22, 2009

Classic Post No. 2-- Nov. 18, 2005-- BlueMask joins the fray (or is it the farce?)

Post title: I'm old, I'm weak, I'm poor

TheBlueMask said...
yet I`m curiously blissful.....
ignorance perhaps?
SNAPS/05 is a smart lookin` show. Good turn out for the day after our first blizzard.

12:59 AM
Macro said...
Ha! I love self deprication, welcome waterman!

2:44 AM
Quitmoanez said...
And you fit right in!

7:17 AM
James Culleton said...

8:47 AM
The Lion said...

voodoo priest


9:03 AM
l-blizzard said...
snaps 05 is a smart looking show. uptown is reviewing it as i type this.

and this work by h20 man is in it, oddly enuff.

8:06 PM
CaptainGoldStar said...
Ive very much admired your work for some time. You might remember meeting me at the label gallery once and we discussed music and then jammed breifly.

the attraction for me in your visual work is the unspoken narrative. Theres all these clues that make me wonder about the story. Tantalizing clues:

is that blood on your shoulder?
whats with the tissue?
what is the nature of the skull device you are holding?
some sort of vodoo rattle?
Does that mean you know voodoo?
By the ultra-natural glow emitting from your eyes and the un-material entities circling around you the wizard in me would say yes indeed this is a fello who is wise in the ways of voodoo.
Should I be afraid?
No I dont feel any fear only respect and admiration.


7:31 AM


TheBlueMask said...

i can't see those ribs anymore

cara said...

I remember this post.

wolfBoy said...

weirdly, i sort of didn't, and felt like blue had been around since day 1, and was rather surprised to see a point where he joined and everyone was sniffing him out a little. funny.