Monday, February 23, 2009

The Brycer - Burton Cummings

Back in the 90's, my friend and drummer Bryce lived next door to the Burt. He was evicted, then moved to the house on the other side of the Burt. Many fun times were had. Burton thought this was hilarious and recorded this demo as a result. (the burning seems to fit here).


jc said...

wicked work Justin. Nice song too.

wolfBoy said...

agreed. this is priceless. the song and the vid.

several of those early construction-phase photos, btw, are probably by a fellow known as l-blizzard.

TIGERA said...

burton is the che of manitoban music

word veri:

veri interpretation:

if burton were to rise again with the spirit of che in manitoba HE WOULD BE A RAPPER

greg oakes said...

that was awesome!!! :)

cara said...

I didn't ever think I'd see the burning incorporated into a Burton Cummings song , I like it.