Monday, February 16, 2009



cara said...

I really like the top two pictures.

renamaphone said...

photo #1: not the greatest exposure, but it was a special moment that I couldn't omit in this post. Women (and girl) making puri, a fried flat bread, for our lunch.

#2: boy watching a Kabaddi game organized by my NGO played by local village women (more pics to follow)

#3: classic rural classroom

#4: my best bud in a mustard field

Quitmoanez said...

I like bud the best.

renamaphone said...

me too :)

wolfBoy said...

i like all of 'em.

#3 reminds me a lot of a scene from Kipling's novel "Kim".

he's the same guy who wrote the Jungle Book-- he had a real weird love/hate relationship to India.

#4, though, is prob'ly my fave too.

anita said...

i love puris! (and the pictures too)

renamaphone said...

oh man, puri subji, puri subji...we'll have to compare notes on indian food someday Anita. Have you ever been to India, by the way?

qw said...

the grass one.... so beautiful!

anita said...

Yes, I was in India for two months about seven years ago with one of my best friends. We were only planning to stay for a month and then head off to Nepal (we had a ticket and everything!) but that was around the time that the Royal family was killed and the Maoists were going crazy so we decided to stay in India longer.

I still have lots of family there all over the place.

I definitely don't regret it, it was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. These pictures really take me back.

I never went to Ganga Sagar or Varanasi, but it looks amazing and really makes me wish I could visit again as a slightly more mature adult (22 year old first time traveling = craziness).

I'd also love to see Nepal, and also Indonesia. Crap now I've got the travel bug again. The world is too big and I'm getting older.

I'd love to hear about your trip when you get back!