Wednesday, February 25, 2009


experimenjt, originally uploaded by babajiwotan.

Here s some interesting tidbits I obtained from a reliable source:

Bruce Lee was a huge pothead! he died as a result of eating hash brownies. His extremely low-body fat body converted thc into poison.

Brandon Lee was executed by the Triad. The Triad assasinated Brandon by being shot by a fake bullet that was actually real, thus ironically mimicing the events that Bruce depicted in: Game of Death


Anonymous said...


I am a fan of your work, but feel I must say ...make some new images, and new songs. The old ones and variations are most excellent, but there must be a diligent, inventive creation, to adequately suppress the rising tide of banality. New, please.

I recommend more videos too!

anita said...

They also found large traces of painkillers in Lee's blood after he died.

Quitmoanez said...

And new and old, it's all the same.

We're all born with the songs we will carry forever, in whatever melody.

Hit it!

TygRA de fume said...

banal:commonplace, trivial, hackneyed, old-hat, shopworn

The Smoky Tiger may be hackneyed but It would certainly bite you on the arse if you called it old-hat.

I feel no need to suppress any rising tides. Actually the proper method is to surf the tidal wave of banality all the way to the shore on the surfboard of repetition.

Ive been recently discovering a fountainhead of originiality by plagerizing things I made before. Working with the following formula:


word veri-

hypothetical word veri interpretations:

1.anonymous is a whimp for critisizing

2. The Smoke Tiger is a shopworn whimp.

3. The Smoky Tiger is a freind of Popeye and eats too many cheeseburgers.

TheBlueMask said...

I agree with the Tiger here. I've been finding new inspiration while archiving things I've done in the past. Pockets of untapped directions that I would have long forgotten. I'm a firm believer in the "don't look back" theory, but art is about 66% contradiction. He may re-post an image, but the subject matter is never the same. This process changes the intent, or perception of the image. Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...


(I've reformulated what I was saying)

"I am a fan of your work...the old ones and variations are most excellent...diligent, inventive creation!

I loved the video stuff!

wolfBoy said...

i am also no fan of the anon critique, though the second, sanitized version is certainly more, uh, useful.